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7+ Jobs That Make Over $100k a Year With No College Degree and Little Schooling

Did you know you can make $100,000 as an executive assistant or real estate broker?

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College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have the opportunity to make more money in your career. Did you know that there are jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree? This post highlights some of our favorite 100k a year jobs without a degree. Related: 12 Jobs That Pay $60k a Year Without a Degree

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Is it easy to make 6 figures without college?

I wouldn’t say making 100k salary jobs without a degree is “easy”, but it’s certainly possible! Nothing is ever truly easy, but if you’re determined to make it happen, and can dedicate time to it, the sky's the limit.  Again, you don’t need a degree to make 6 figures. But, you’ll definitely need to put in the work. 

How can I make 100k without a degree?

There are many jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree, and I’ve listed the 7 most popular options below. Of course, this doesn’t include starting your own business or side hustles, so keep that in mind (because it's definitely an option!!). The list below is just job opportunities. But the possibilities are endless when it comes to making 100k without a degree. 

7 Jobs That Pay 100k A Year Without A Degree

Below are my top 100k salary jobs without a degree. And, they're sectioned by the easiest job of the seven, the lowest-stress options (with great job satisfaction), and the higher-stress options. Check them out and enjoy!

What is the easiest job that pays 100k a year?

The top spot on this list is what we deem the easiest of the seven 100k a year jobs - the executive assistant!

1) Executive Assistant 

If you’re organized, like keeping a schedule, and don’t mind chatting with all kinds of people, you’d do well as an executive assistant.  What exactly is an executive assistant? Also known as an executive administrator, executive assistants are responsible for managing the day to day operations of a company’s executives. Everything from their schedules to communications is managed by an executive assistant. 

Just a few of your responsibilities would be:

  • emails and calls on behalf of the executive,
  • meeting minutes,
  • and coordinating travel arrangements. 

While the average pay for an executive assistant is around 60k, there are many that earn over 100k annually. 

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Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree

So the easiest 100k a year job is an executive assistant (in my opinion anyway...you could definitely disagree with me if you like!). What are some other low stress jobs that pay 100k without a degree? Check out #2-4 below!

2) Sales Consultant

Are you charming? Can you passionately talk about a topic for hours and hours? Do people find you persuasive? If so, sales may be the right career path for you. 

The main responsibilities of a sales consultant are:

  • Finding potential clients through cold calling, lead research, and networking to drive sales.
  • Presenting a company's products or services to potential buyers.
  • Recommending customers specific products based on their specific needs and wishes.

As a sales consultant, you’ll usually spend your days finding potential clients and networking, making presentations or meeting with potential customers, and working with customers after they’ve made a purchase. Basically, you are the face of the company and product that you’re selling.  Usually, sales consultants are paid a base rate, and then make more money with commissions.

For many sales jobs, your base pay can range anywhere from $30k to $60k. But, the more you sell, the more you make, and some top sales consultants make 6 figures, and even 7 figures, each year. 

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3) Real Estate Broker 

What jobs pay high without a degree? A real estate broker salary could be sky-high! While a real estate broker is similar to a sales consultant because they both sell products, a real estate broker’s specialty is of course — real estate. But finding potential clients and networking is still an important skill set for this job. 

Real estate brokers also advise clients on the real estate market and help clients selling their homes come up with a competitive market price. You could work with potential buyers and sellers, and get paid based on how many homes you sell. 

How much can you make as a real estate broker?

Even in the states with the lowest salaries, a real estate broker can still bring in an average of 50k a year. But in states and cities where real estate is a hot commodity, you could easily make upwards of $200k a year, if not more. 

Getting Started: How to Become a Real Estate Broker

4) Electrician, Plumber, or HVAC Technician 

Not a fan of selling? That’s okay, try a trade! If you’re willing to go to a trade school or become an apprentice for a few years, you could make up to 100k and more every year. And no degree needed!

The best part about a trade like being an electric, plumber, or HVAC technician is that you could work for a company or start your own business. Either way, you could make money with either option, and gain experience for life. Plus, who doesn’t like to be able to fix their own home up? 

How much can you make as a technician a year?

When I worked for an HVAC and plumbing company, I saw technicians making more than $70,000 a year, with the “masters” (aka lots of experience or trade school technicians) making upwards of $150,000 a year.  Keep in mind that this is a hard job physically.

Many technicians complained about being uncomfortable in crawl spaces, attics, etc. And, you’ll usually have to work holidays, weekends, and nights, at least in the first few years of your career.  But, if you’re willing to stick it out, this job can become a great way to earn more money in your career while working with your hands. 

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Higher stress jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree

Alright. So we covered the easiest job to make $100k. We also hit the lowest stress jobs. Below are three more jobs where you could earn a 100k salary...but they're a little bit higher stress. But, maybe that's your jam! Check them out, see if you like them! If you do, then go for it!

5) Firefighter 

This is without a doubt the most dangerous profession on this list. But, if you want a career where you can help people and make a difference, then this is a great job for you.  It’s also important to note that becoming a firefighter is hard. Training, tests, and being fit are all expectations when you first sign up. So even though you won’t have to go to college, you’re still going to have to study and prepare yourself daily. 

And, the firefighter profession is hard to get into, and doesn’t have a high growth rate. In fact, it’s only expected to grow about 7% in the next 5 years. But if you’re determined to reach your goal or dream of being one, it is possible. 

How much do firefighters make?

A rookie firefighter will only make about 40k a year in the first few years of their career. But working hard and taking promotions can put you over the 100k mark if you play your cards right. 

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6) Information Technology Technician 

As an introvert, I’m not the biggest fan of customer service or working with people. While I can work as part of a team, I prefer to do my own thing. And if you’re similar to me, you may be looking for a job that allows you to work alone.  Look no further than information technology. Information technology technicians...

  • help install and configure software and hardware for a company’s technology systems,
  • set up VoIP telephone systems, and more.

So if you like troubleshooting and feel comfortable working with technology, this job will be a great option for you.

How much can you earn as an information technology technician? 

Depending on your state and experience, a job may require a certificate or experience in the field before hiring you. But if you can get your foot in the door, you can earn 80k to 100k a year without a degree.

Getting Started: IT Technician - What Is It? And How Can I Become One?

7) Chef

Did you know that you don’t have to go to culinary school to become a professional chef? Sure, you can if you want, but it’s not mandatory. And top chefs can earn over 100k a year too! 

So, how do you become a well paid chef without going to culinary school?

First, you’ll have to accept the fact that for a few years, you’re going to be paid well below what you should be.  But, if you work in a kitchen as a cook, learn the right techniques and realize that you want to be a chef, you can work your way up. In fact, many chefs bring on apprentices or will train people who truly want to learn. And, hands-on experience is usually more valuable in the industry, because jobs want you to be able to prove you can cook, and you can only do that if you’ve cooked before. 

How much can you earn as a chef per year?

While this industry is the hardest to make 100k a year with, it can be extremely rewarding and is also a great way to work in a profession that fits your passion. 

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What jobs pay 100K a year?


There are many jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree. Here's the summarized list:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Electrician/Plumber/HVAC (if you're highly skilled)
  • Firefighter 
  • Information Technology Technician
  • Chef

As you can see, there are many jobs that pay 100k a year, and all of the options on this list don’t require a degree either. It’s okay to not go to college, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lower paying job! You can still get out of debt and live the lifestyle you desire. 

So what do you think?

you be fighting for a $100k job in the near future! Wouldn't that be awesome??

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