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101 Ways to Make More Money, by Derek Sall


  1. Hoping to improve my financial life with this book

    • Heck yeah! Use it to start earning some money, Miguel! Best of luck to you!!

  2. Derek, the sq ft cost for ur addition is in NJ? The cost in our town have skyrocketed since the pandemic.

  3. If I were to accumulate 30 million dollars in next few years what would be the Wise deposit for monthly income?

    • Hi Larry! If you earn 4% on your money, you could withdraw $100,000 a month and keep your total nearly $30,000,000. If you want to wind your balance down toward zero over the next 30 years, then you could withdraw up to $140,000 a month. If you want to do something in between, now you know your bookends! Thanks for reaching out.

  4. Hi Derek, I read your article on adding bedroom on garage, I want to know did you make that addition, For sure you should make your master suite,life is too short,and it makes sense when you can afford to enjoy, don’t wait till retirement, the only problem I see is side split, there should not be ups and downs when you add new. room, be creative , if it add value to your home just add it,
    I just sold my 2 year new house and bought old one with bigger lot and great views, but it has only 3 bedrooms, and I will add master bed on garage with open terrace ,Please let me know if adding room works for you

    • Hi Rukhsana! First off, thanks for the comment. Always good to hear from my readers!

      We’re still trying to book the builders to make our addition happen. At this point, it’s supposed to happen in March, so coming up soon! Thanks for the confirmation that we should go for it. 😉

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