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This post has been written by Amanda Abella – a fabulous writer, speaker, and financial coach!

I was recently out with friends and I mentioned how I spent my holiday weekend messing around with Pinterest in an effort to get more traffic to my blog and therefore increase my chances of making affiliate sales.

“Don’t you ever take a break?” one of them asked. The answer is that I do take breaks. Lots of them, actually. However, I’ve made it a habit to always be on the lookout for ways to make more money.

How to Always Find Ways to Make More Money

It’s not necessarily because I want to amass millions (though that would be cool), but because I actually enjoy learning about and implementing different ways to make more money. Additionally, entrepreneurship has taught me that you can always make more money if you’re up for it.

Here’s how you too can always find a way to make more money when you want to.

make more moneyStep 1: Realize the importance of multiple streams of income.

Motivation is key when you’re on the look out for ways to make more money. My motivation comes from the fact that I never want to rely on just one source of income.

My past experience as a recruiter taught me this. I’d often interview people who’d lost their jobs, and as a result all of their income, from one week to the next. Because they never focused on making more money in other ways, they were now up the creek without a paddle.

I remember this experience every time I’m feeling a little lazy. It never fails to re-energize me.

Step 2: Make it fun.

People tend to equate making money with work and then equate work with stress. The truth is it doesn’t have to be that way.

For example, last year I started an Etsy store to sell off some extra gemstones in my collection. I dig rocks. I could spend hours watching YouTube videos about rocks. I freaked out when I saw the gemstone exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York.

It should go without saying, then, that starting an Etsy store gave me an excuse to make more money off of something I enjoy. It is by no means paying my bills, but I get to add a little extra boost to my savings thanks to whatever I sell.

I also enjoy making images and playing with Pinterest. If I can make more money with something I’m already spending time on anyway, why wouldn’t I do it?

make more money habitStep 3: Make it a habit.

I sometimes find that people have difficulty with finding ways to make more money simply because they haven’t made it a habit. Instead, they’ve made it a habit to complain about being broke and then spend their weekends watching a marathon of Real Housewives.

Finding ways to make more money is a habit just like anything else. It’s something you need to work at and something you slowly add into your life. It’s kind of like starting to go the gym. If it’s not yet a habit, you just need to keep showing up until it becomes one.

Because I’ve made the act of making more money a habit, I can more easily see opportunities to do so when they show up. That way, when my content marketing business experiences a Summer lull because everyone is on vacation, I know to spend my extra time working on building another form of income (preferably a passive one).

I don’t even have to think twice about it anymore because it’s become my modus operandi.

Final Thoughts

It’s easier to make more money than people think. It just requires some motivation and behavioral changes on the part of the person. By following these tips you’ll always be able to find ways to make more money.


  1. I LOVE this quote:

    “I sometimes find that people have difficulty with finding ways to make more money simply because they haven’t made it a habit. Instead, they’ve made it a habit to complain about being broke and then spend their weekends watching a marathon of Real Housewives.”

    So true! It’s amazing how people are not willing to spend time more wisely.

    Great stuff, Derek

    • Pretty sad that it’s true huh? But you know what that means? There’s less competition for the available money out there. Good news for you and me! 🙂

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Here are some of the top ways to make some quick money. If you would like some more money-making ideas, I have an eBook that was released a few years ago that gives you the top 101 Ways to Make More Money! All you have to do is subscribe and it’s yours, completely free! Thanks for reading!


1) Start a Blog or Website – I have obviously done this recently and it is by no means easy, but there is plenty of online help that can get you through. The cost of my website was only $44 for the year, and as long as I put in the time and effort, I should easily make an extra $500 from ad postings before the year is up (Note: This definitely proved to be true back in 2011, and is still true today!).

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2) Write for – If you have experience in a certain field and can coherently write about it, you may just land a few bucks by writing some articles. The topic of interest is always changing, so even if you cannot relate to the topics today, there may be something that completely relates to your expertise tomorrow!

3) Perform General Labor on Craigslist – Check out the website for “labor” jobs. These take no skill whatsoever. Some people just need a hole dug in their backyard and they’ll supply the shovel.

4) Drive Others to the Airport – We currently live about 30 miles from the airport. It’s almost too far to ask a friend to drive you, but people don’t want to leave their car at the airport at $15 a night. Solution: offer to drive them for $30. You will have plenty of takers.

5) Become a Tutor – If you recently took some classes, there are most likely some opportunities to tutor a fresh new student who is in way over their head. Most tutors charge $20/hour.

6) Teach Piano Lessons – If you know how to play the piano and can teach, this may be a money-making machine for you. At $15 per half-hour, this could easily net over $1000 a month. If you don’t know how to play, you can find piano teachers to help you launch your services.

7) Sell Old Stuff – Old toys, books that you’ll never read, a collectible that’s been collecting dust for years – these are all things that qualify. Have a garage sale or throw them on eBay. You’ll have some cash in no time.

8 ) Advertise With Your Car – Most people don’t like to do this to their precious car, but if you love a product and can get paid for an ad that’s on your car, why not do it? For an extra $1,000 a month, heck yes, put that sticker on my car!

9) Advertise With Your Clothes – This method is not found as easily online, but it is very similar to the car wrap advertising, only you put company advertisements on your clothing!

10) Transfer funds to a New Bank – There are often bank promotions that offer $100 or more if you transfer your money to their bank. Follow the directions and earn some quick cash.

11) Play Music For Events and Weddings – Have a special gift playing an instrument or singing? Cash in your talent and offer to play for some weddings or other special events.

12) Pet Sit – This could be dogs, cats, fish, snakes, whatever you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t take too much effort, and if you’re at pet lover, it’s a great way to make money and have fun at the same time!

13) House Sit – When people go away on vacation, they like to know that their number one asset is taken care of. Offer to check on it once in a while for a small fee.

14) Rent Out One of Your Rooms – If you have an extra room that’s sitting empty, consider renting it out. The steady income every month is a big help.

15) Sell Your Plasma or Hair – Selling plasma could earn you as much as $50 a week, and if you keep your hair healthy I’m sure someone will pay top dollar for that too.

16) Install Fixtures and Appliances – Are you somewhat handy? Install some shower heads, dish washers, garbage disposals, anything. People are more than willing to pay some extra money to get their stuff installed correctly.

17) Assemble Furniture – IKEA is a great store, but everything you buy needs assembly. Offer to put these items together and you could earn yourself a pretty penny.

18) Buy Low, Sell High – No, not the stock market. Find someone that will give you a discount for buying in bulk, or find a store that’s currently liquidating their inventory. I started doing this when I was young. I remember buying 144 smiley face key chains for $10. I sold each one for a quarter and made a few bucks. It was fun!

19) Buy Black Friday Deals for Friends – Not everyone enjoys standing in long lines, especially when it’s cold, but we all love a great deal! Offer to grab these items for your friends for a little extra cash, and it will be worth your while.

20) Build Websites – Building a website has become much easier these days, but it is still a struggle for some. They’d certainly be willing to pay some extra money to get their business online.

21) Fix Computers – Now that pretty much everyone owns a computer, you could get plenty of business if you are able to fix their issues.


Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that many of these suggestions require special permits or licensing. Please research each money-making option before you take action. I will not be held liable for any lack of research performed by the reader. Thank you.