Welcome to your Will You Be Rich?

How much consumer debt do you have? (credit cards, cars, medical, student loans, etc.)

If you had a financial emergency, you'd pay it with:

What percentage of your before-tax income do you invest?

When you have some time to yourself to think, you typically:

Your best friend gives you $100 for your birthday. What do you do with it?

How many sources of income do you have?

How often do you communicate with people (0=never, 10=why would I NOT talk to people?)?

How often do you come up with money-making ideas each month?

If you think of something that could propel you forward financially, what do you typically do?

When you were a kid and others made fun of your outfit, you:

When you make a movie recommendation to your friends, they typically:

I watch _____ hours of TV per week.

When you read, it's most likely:

How passionate are you about what you do?

Sleep is: