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25+ Side Hustle Apps to Make Money in 2023

Side hustles can be tough. But what if you focused your efforts on a side hustle app?

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“Mammoth layoffs at Meta: 11,000 employees take the hit.” “Netflix fires 300 more employees as revenue slows down.” “Robinhood lays off 23% of its staff, blaming crypto meltdown.” These are just a few of the worrying headlines we’ve seen in the news recently. In an economic downturn that’s marred by recession and slow growth—you’re on your own. Scary. We know. But here’s the thing: you can take care of your financial needs. All you need to do is think outside the box—and get a side hustle. And with tons of side hustle apps out there—finding the right gig is easy. But we’re here to make things easier—with our curated list of the 25+ best side hustle apps in 2023.

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Side Hustle Apps to Make Money in 2023: Our Top Picks

Here’s a breakdown of the best side hustle apps, and their pros and cons:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks rewards you for a bunch of activities that you do anyway—online shopping, watching videos, buying gift cards, and so on. Each of these can fetch you points on the app. Redeem these points for gift cards at top retailers like Amazon or Walmart—or get cash back from PayPal.


  • Multiple easy ways to make money.
  • $10 bonus for signing up.


  • You’ll take a while to reach the minimum cash-out threshold.
  • The earning potential is $0.05–$0.50/hour. 

2. Kashkick

There are tons of survey and video side hustle apps that can fetch you easy money. The only hiccup? Most of these apps pay you in points or gift cards—and that’s not ideal, especially if you’re trying to save up. We like Kashkick because it pays you in cash. Complete surveys, do tasks, and play games in exchange for real money.


  • Pays you via PayPal.
  • You earn a 25% commission on what your referral earns.


  • You can only earn an average of $0.20-$0.50/task.
  • You won’t qualify for all surveys because of strict requirements.

3. DoorDash

The service economy is on the rise—and pretty much any gig that provides customers with convenience will pay you well. Delivering for DoorDash is the perfect example. This on-demand delivery powerhouse is constantly on the lookout for new drivers. You can become a Dasher if you're over the age of 18 and own a vehicle (car, scooter, or bicycle).


  • High earning potential of $15–$20/hour.
  • Earn additional pay from tips and promotions.


  • List of qualifications, including age, insurance, and background checks.
  • There’s a minimum cash-out of $1.99 per day—relatively higher than other delivery apps.

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4. Clean Lots

Clean Lots provides a “niche” litter-pick service for commercial property management companies. You can make big money by simply cleaning parking lots and sidewalks. And we’re not kidding about the big money—Brian Winch, the founder of this unique company, makes a six-figure side income from his litter-pick job. (PS. The author is contemplating career choices so let’s move on to the pros and cons real quick).


  • The pay is great—ranging from $5–$21/hour.
  • Work schedule won’t conflict with your day job.


  • Late night or early morning work schedules.
  • Involves manual labor.

5. Neighbor

Valuables, memorabilia, extra furniture—there are tons of things people can’t dispose of but don’t have the storage for. This right here is an opportunity for you to make extra cash. With an app like Neighbor, you can list any empty storage space you have—and rent it to strangers on a monthly basis. You’re in control of when and how a renter uses your space. Plus, the app provides several property protection plans.


  • There’s usually a high demand for storage.
  • It’s easier to maintain storage spaces than rental cars or vacation homes.


  • You’ll need to trust strangers with your space. 

6. BabyQuip

BabyQuip is a leading baby equipment rental service and marketplace in the US—offering thousands of baby gear items in over 1000 cities. Do you have any baby stuff sitting around the house? Join BabyQuip as a "Quality Provider" and rent out your items to other families in need.


  • You’re renting stuff you own—so there’s minimal work involved.
  • Earning potential as high as $5,000/month.


  • Upfront fee of $200 before you start. 
  • Relatively high commission rate of 22%.

7. Steady

Steady connects you to side hustle opportunities that match your interests and budget needs. The app also has unique Income Boosters—hand-picked opportunities for you to earn cash incentives through Steady’s trusted partners.


  • Most jobs on the platform pay $10–$25/hour.
  • Affordable premium plan—with access to highly paid jobs—at $1.99/month.


  • You’ll pay a 10% commission on your earnings.

8. Uber Eats

Delivering for Uber Eats is a great alternative to traditional part-time delivery gigs—you get to pick your schedule and get paid on a weekly basis. You can also track how much you can earn from delivering an order before accepting it.


  • Choice to maximize earnings by delivering during peak hours.
  • Pocket 100% of customer tips.


  • Relatively lower earning potential at $8–$11/hour.
  • You’ll pay for the delivery vehicle’s upkeep costs.

9. Turo

Turo is a car-sharing marketplace that lets you list your car and rent it to customers. You can accept trips, tweak your pricing, message your guests, and more. With a pre-screened customer base of over 14 million worldwide, the app can provide consistent demand for your listings.


  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Decent average earnings of $12–$16/hour.


  • No guaranteed work or money.
  • You’ll need to meet strict qualifications when signing up.

10. InboxDollars

Earn a few extra dollars in your free time with this cash rewards website. InboxDollars pays you for filling out surveys, playing video games, referring friends, watching videos, and more.


  • Intuitive mobile app and website.
  • Earn a $5 sign-up bonus.


  • High minimum cash-out requirement of $30.
  • Low average earnings of $0.10–$0.50/task.

11. Survey On The Go

Your data is precious—make money in exchange for it. Survey On The Go is a mobile market research tool that pays you for your opinion on various topics. Answer a survey anytime it pops up, earn money—and cash out as soon as you hit $10.


  • Get paid via PayPal.
  • The app usually processes payments within 24 hours.


  • Not enough survey opportunities—so your earning potential is also low.
  • You may not qualify for many surveys because of strict requirements.

12. Shopify

Consider setting up a Shopify e-commerce store for an existing website or social media account. Shopify lets you sell products using an intuitive interface that integrates with website hosts—meaning there’s a seamless transition from your website homepage to the digital storefront. The store setup is straightforward—you can add items, curate them, and add purchase links within minutes.


  • Easy-to-use themes and plugins for storefronts.
  • Prompt, 24/7 customer support.


  • Can be pricey—paid plans start at $29/month.

13. eBay

Most of us have shopped stuff on eBay—it’s equally easy to sell stuff on there. Everything from a single cornflake to a haunted rubber duck has been successfully sold on eBay. So pick a niche, source your products from thrift stores, discount warehouses, flea markets, and the like—then put a price tag on them, and start selling.


  • eBay has over 138 million active users in 2022—so you can sell to a large audience.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface—making it easy to list products.


  • Has a complicated seller fees structure.

14. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for independent artists, crafters, and vintage collectors. You can easily set up an online Etsy store and sell products to make some serious side money. If you don’t have the time to create new products constantly, consider selling printables. You’ll create them once—and they’ll keep churning out money month after month. It’s the perfect passive income gig! (Gold City Ventures’ course on Eprintables can help you get started right away.)


  • Platform is geared towards boosting small businesses.
  • Pay $ 0.20/listing for four months.


  • This marketplace is made for craft supplies, handmade items, and vintage goods—you may feel limited.

15. TaskRabbit

Here's an interesting app that links "skilled taskers" (like you) with people who need help with cleaning, furniture assembly, house repairs, and other tasks. TaskRabbit lets you choose what services to provide, and set the prices.


  • Set your own rates for the tasks.
  • Offer as many services as you want.


  • Upfront registration fees of $25.

16. Declutter

Have a mountain of extra tech lying around? Whether it’s CDs, DVDs, tablets, games, consoles, laptops, or smartphones—sell the tech on Decluttr. The selling process is a piece of cake—just scan the item's barcode, and get a price offer from the app. Then accept the offer, ship your tech, and get paid on PayPal.


  • Easy to use.
  • You don’t have to pay for shipping.


  • The app decides what you make on your products.
  • Not all items are accepted.

17. Instacart

Instacart delivers groceries to people’s doorsteps. The company’s growth skyrocketed in the pandemic, generating sales worth $26 billion in 2021—with over 600,000 shoppers. Join as a personal shopper and make a solid second income—you’ll buy groceries at local partner stores and deliver items to customers.


  • Set your own work hours.
  • Good earning potential of $10–$25/hour.


  • Your pay can depend on your location.
  • The amount of work you are assigned can depend on your Shopper rating.

18. Rover

What do you think about getting paid to play with pets? If that made you sit up—check out Rover, which connects you to America’s largest network of pet owners. You can make money by offering services like dog boarding, dog walking, running a doggy daycare, and more.


  • High earning potential of around $43/hour.
  • Flexible work hours.


  • Pass a few background checks and pet quizzes.

19. Airbnb

Join Airbnb as a rental host to find people willing to pay for your short-term vacation rental. This side job can become full-time employment because of its high earning potential (depending on your location and rental property). Renting out property may demand additional licensing and upkeep. And, while you can pre-screen your renters, you’ll still need to trust strangers with your property.


  • High earning potential of $20–$200/hour.


  • You’ll need additional permissions to rent out a property.
  • The rental will require regular maintenance.

20. Rentah

This local marketplace lets you rent out anything you have for a price you pick. Plus, Rentah charges 5% on every transaction to the renter—meaning you won’t be paying any fees.


  • Rent anything you want.
  • Requires minimal daily work.


  • Some users have reported that the app crashes frequently.

21. Foap

Turn your photographs into money with Foap—a free app that lets you sell the pics you click to businesses and well-known brands. Upload your images straight from your phone—and sell them as often as you like.


  • Earn $5 for every pic you sell.
  • Increase your pay through Foap Missions—which pay between $50 and $200.


    • A whopping 50% commission fee.
    • Steep competition with over three million active creators.
  • Did we mention the 50% commission fee?

22. Fiverr

This digital services marketplace puts freelancers and agencies in contact with clients needing help with projects. Join Fiverr for free, complete your portfolio—and start hunting for suitable freelance jobs.


  • Large pool of work opportunities. 
  • You don’t need to bid for gigs—clients will come to you.


  • 20% Commission rate.
  • The platform promotes experienced freelancers—you may find it challenging to bag your first gig if you’re new.

23. BlueCrew

Bluecrew matches you to the right jobs based on your locations, skills, and schedule. Sign up to become a BlueCrew member and access all the jobs on the portal—most roles are related to warehousing, catering, logistics, administration, and retail.


  • Free to sign-up and use.
  • Flexible work schedule.


  • You can’t negotiate pay.
  • Relatively limited number of job opportunities.

24. OfferUp

We all hate unnecessary clutter—but this can be an opportunity to make some extra cash. Unload stuff like old appliances, clothing, and furniture onto the OfferUp app.  Snap a pic, price your stuff, and list it. The app will then circulate your post to app users in your neighborhood. The best part? You can negotiate prices and pick up details via the in-app messaging service—so there's no need to share your phone number.


  • Clean up your home while making some money.
  • You won’t pay any listing fee.


  • You’ll pay a 7.9% fee if you opt for shipping.
  • You may get hounded by potential customers asking for discounts (We’re all cheapskates like that!).

25. Fat Llama

You can rent out practically anything on Fat Llama—including photography gear, DJ equipment, electronics, and musical equipment. Take a sweeping look at your home, take pictures of everything you want to rent, set up a profile—and start earning.


  • Rent out a wide range of items.
  • Set your own selling prices.


  • 25% service fee.

26. Getaround

This well-known car-sharing marketplace provides consumers with a low-cost alternative to car ownership. Have a car you don’t use much? Milk your car by renting it out to guests in need.  Getaround lets you control how you price your bookings, and who you rent to.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint (unlike Kylie Jenner, who’s taking three-minute flights).
  • You can earn as much as $10,000 a year.


  • You’re car insurance company may ditch you if they find out you’re renting your ride. Tough crowd.

Key FAQs on Side Hustles And Side Money Apps

We’ve looked at some easy and lucrative side hustle apps—let’s now answer some key questions.

1. What is the best app for side hustles?

With so many side hustle apps out there, it’s near impossible to crown one as the ultimate winner—but we can help you figure out the best side hustles for you.

If you’re looking for tons of work opportunities to choose from—consider gig marketplaces like Fiverr, TaskRabbit, steady, and the like.

Is flexibility your top priority? Consider apps like BlueCrew, Foap, Etsy, and eBay—you can pick your own work schedule or create a long-term passive income source.

Are you in this for the money game? Focus on gig apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Instacart that consistently pay high.

Want to make money doing as little as possible? Consider rental marketplaces like Airbnb, BabyQuip, Neighbor, and Getaround.

2. Which side gig app pays the most?

Preply’s detailed study on the US job market outlines the following as the highest-paying side hustles.

Side hustle Average pay in the US
Dog walker $43
Freelance designer $32
Freelance writer $29
Notary public $24
Freelance proofreader $22
Event planner $22
House sitter $21
Photographer $20
Virtual assistant $19
Resume writer $19
Blogger $19
Personal trainer $19

3. Are side hustles legal?

You can legally work multiple jobs in the US—even if your primary one is a full-time commitment. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says over seven million Americans have side gigs.

But there is one hiccup—or several—if you’re under contract. David D. Schein, Professor & Cameron Endowed Chair of Management & Marketing at The University of St. Thomas, has worked on HR and employment law issues for over 40 years.

He says, “Executives and other key employees are usually under employment contracts that prohibit them from working a second job. They could be sued if they violate this contract provision. Further, some employers need their employees to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)—a common practice in tech companies. The contract ensures that anything the employee invents while employed belongs to their employer.” 

Key Takeaways

Side hustle apps can give you several flexible work opportunities in one place. You can shortlist the best apps from our list based on your income needs and availability. Start applying to various gigs—and find out what works for you. Remember to prioritize the gigs that align with your skill set—and make sure you’re covering your bases legally.

The gig economy is bigger than ever before—and you’re just one side hustle away from tapping into all the benefits.  Start now!


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