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30 Side Hustles for Women: Best Ways for Women to Make Money in 2023

Explore our list of the 30 best side hustles for women to make money in 2023.

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As we speak, men earn approximately $628 more than women from side hustles every month. 

Here’s my bit to help us close this gap.

This article outlines 30 of the best, high-paying, and most flexible side hustles women can work.

Let’s jump right in—

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How to Make Money as Women: Top 30 Side Hustles for Females

We’ve split our list of recommendations into 11 mini-categories to help you navigate. 

How to make money as women: suggestions for good side hustles for women

A dozen side-hustling queens on Reddit spoke to us about the side gigs they’ve worked. Here are their top recommendations based on expected pay, work flexibility, and required skills.

1. Good old babysitting

Earning potential: $20–$25/hour

Zippia’s recent study says 85.8% of all babysitters are women. Phew!

(Whether this preference comes from the belief that we’re more nurturing is a discussion for another day.) 

What we do know is the job opportunities for babysitters are plenty, and so is the pay. UrbanSitter reports that the national average hourly rate for a babysitter in 2022 was $20.57 for one child and $23.25 for two kids.

This job lets you help fellow parents with their kids. But what our Reddit side hustlers enjoy the most is that you can do this in your spare time—parents don’t need full-time babysitting services.

Keep in mind:

  • Your schedule heavily depends on the parent’s needs.
  • Kids can be difficult. Period.

Learn more:

2. Become a temporary personal assistant

Earning potential: $19–$21/hour

Would you describe yourself as an organized go-getter? Then this next recommendation is for you.

We’ve all heard about personal assistant jobs where you’re in charge of tasks like data entry, office assistance, mailing packages, distributing flyers, organizing files, planning trips, and more.

The catch is these positions aren’t always full-time jobs. You can work for a company just once, occasionally, or on a regular basis. 

Simply review task requirements and apply for these temp jobs on portals like TaskRabbit or Indeed.

Keep in mind:

  • For some jobs you may need specific skills and work experience.
  • Job portals usually charge an upfront registration fee ($25 for TaskRabbit).

Learn more:

3. Walk dogs

Earning potential: $9–$22/hour

The perfect side hustle for dog and money lovers—you get to work with adorable clients and earn as much as $22/hour.

Women who are side hustlers say this gig perfectly compliments their full-time remote jobs

One hustler points out you get to see dogs at their best—most furry clients are thrilled to take a stroll, so you probably won’t be dealing with tantrums. 

Get started with platforms like Rover and Wag!

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll have to pass a few background checks and pet quizzes to qualify on job portals.

Learn more:

Easy ways for women to make money

Wondering how to make easy money as a woman? 

The whole thing is a bit off—because hustling is anything but easy

But a girl’s got to make her money—so we’ve compiled a mini-list of easy side hustles for women that require minimal time and effort.

4. Sell your stuff

Earning potential: varies depending on product value.

Guilty of hoarding? Sell what you don’t need. 

(Even if something seems like junk, you’ll most likely find buyers on eBay.) 

Don’t believe me? A cornflake shaped like Illinois was sold for a steep $1,350. We’re pretty sure you have stuff that’s more valuable—so get going.

Keep in mind:

  • The main downside is the fees—expect to pay listing fees, transaction fees, and shipping for sold products.

Learn more:

5. Take online surveys

Earning potential: $0.50–$2

Companies and market researchers will pay to know what you think of their products. You can fill out simple surveys on platforms like InboxDollars, Opinion Outpost, and LifePoints, and get paid in exchange for data. 

Keep in mind:

  • Some surveys may have specific demographic requirements.
  • Expect low earnings.

Learn more:

6. Rent out your room

Earning potential: $20–$228/hour

Don’t see the value in renting your property

Watch an episode of Netflix’s Buy My House—Shark Tank for realtors. You’ll notice almost all homes are priced on their ability to be converted into short-term rentals—that’s how profitable the industry is. 

So whether you have an extra bedroom, a vacation home, or a garage apartment—consider renting out your space on platforms like Airbnb.

Airbnb’s data from March 2022 show there are currently over 4 million rental hosts registered on the site, indicating that it’s a great passive income gig.

Keep in mind:

  • Hosting or renting out space does involve some amount of work—customers expect top-notch service and a well-maintained stay.
  • This side gig is usually very lucrative, but the rent you charge and your rental occupancy rate will depend on your location and the quality of the space. (A Miami beach house will fetch way more than a family home in Austin.)

Learn more:

Scalable side hustles to consider

There’s nothing better than growing a side hustle you love into a full-time business. 

Here are some of the most scalable side hustles out there—

7. Start a dropshipping business

Earning potential: $12–$28/hour

Dropshipping lets you sell products that are readily manufactured and shipped by third-party stores. 

While these stores do the heavy lifting, all you need to do is price your products, set up your store, and market the business. 

Not sure what products are hot in the market? Don’t worry. You can use a platform like AppSumo, which delivers hand-picked trending products each day to show you which has the highest dropshipping potential.

Keep in mind:

  • Expect lower margins than traditional retail.
  • You’ll work with different couriers—expect shipping complexities.

Learn more:

8. Run an affiliate marketing blog

Earning potential: $9–$43

Blogging is easily one of the top side hustles for women who want to make money online.

Leverage your flair for content creation, and share your expertise with your target audience—all while making top dollar.

But how?

Try affiliate marketing—you’ll be advertising someone else’s products or services on your platform and getting a commission from any sale that comes from your referral link or code.

This is also a great add-on for some side hustles. Try this route if you own a store, a podcast, or you’re an influencer. It’s a great way to gain passive income while you're working on a different side hustle. 

Get started with an affiliate marketplace like Leadpages, ConvertKit, or ShareASale—and find the right products for you.

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll lose credibility if you associate with the wrong products.
  • This is a very competitive space, which directly impacts the income you can make.

Learn more:

9. Create an online course

Earning potential: $26–$40/hour

Got marketable skills that other people want to learn? You’re in for a profitable side job. 

We’re not exaggerating when we say course creators make thousands of dollars every year.

To give yourself the best shot at success—narrow down your area of expertise and build a detailed course around it.

Thinkific, Teachable, and Learndash are some platforms that let you create and sell your online courses.

Keep in mind:

  • Some skills are more marketable and in demand than others. 
  • Courses need to be high quality and updated all the time. 

Learn more:

Interesting ways women make extra money

Add more money to your bottom line with these creative side gigs

10. Become a makeup artist

Earning potential: $14–$49/hour

Tools, makeup skills, and a creative eye—are all you need to kick-start your MUA journey

Offer your services at events like weddings and proms to make other people feel beautiful. 

Having great makeup skills can also open up another revenue stream—social media stardom. (Viral makeup artist Manny MUA has a net worth of $1.1 million—all thanks to social media.) 

Create content, advertise your services, and start booking clients as per your availability. 

Keep in mind:

  • This is a very competitive industry—it may be tough to get clients initially. 
  • You’ll need to constantly invest in makeup equipment and tools.

Learn more:

11. Become a home organizer

Earning potential: $30–$100/hour

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin founded The Home Edit—a home organization company bought for a whopping $900 million by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine. 

Women supporting women. We love to see it! But what do these women do? 

They simply organize spaces for their clients. 

If Monica from “Friends” is your spirit animal, get started on your organization side gig right away. You can provide home services such as organizing closets, cupboards, and kitchens on marketplaces like TaskRabbit or Craigslist.

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll have to set aside some money to pay registration fees for different job portals. 
  • Demand for such gigs isn’t always consistent.

Learn more:

12. Do some mystery shopping

Earning potential: $15–$36/hour

Get paid to shop.

Yup. That’s an actual thing in the retail industry. 

You’ll often be employed by a third-party company to visit stores, restaurants, banks, and other establishments—to assess things like customer service and product quality.

This process lets businesses improve their shopping processes and customer experience.

Keep in mind:

  • This side gig is unlikely to fetch you a regular paycheck.
  • Scams and fraudulent job ads are common in this industry.

Learn more:

Side hustles for 20 year olds

Your twenties are all about figuring out the right college major, googling how to negotiate your first paycheck, and freaking out over a random strand of gray hair—all essential activities. 

And while you’re at it, here are some great side hustles for young women to help you achieve financial freedom ASAP—

13. Become an Instagram influencer

Earning potential: $15–$20/hour

Brands are predicted to spend a whopping $32.5 billion on influencer advertising in 2023. You don’t want to miss out on being a part of this hot space—especially if you’re already creating content on Instagram.

Monetize your Instagram account through sponsored posts, selling products, takeovers, and other smart marketing strategies. 

Keep in mind:

  • What you can charge for sponsored content will vary depending on your follower count and engagement rates. 
  • Virality is a rarity. You’ll need to find ways to earn money without solely banking on Instagram’s algorithm. 

Learn more:

14. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Earning potential: Speculative

A recent Schroders study revealed that younger people (18–37) had the highest appetite for risk (44%). (That’s probably why over 94% of crypto buyers are Gen Zs or millennials.)

You have plenty of time to save for retirement—so if you can take the heat, investing in crypto can be a good side hustle.

“Cryptocurrency” refers to any digital currency where cryptography is used to verify and record transactions. 

This distinct asset class has performed pretty phenomenally over the years. (In fact, investing in Ethereum in 2023 is predicted to give you 1000X returns.)

However, this landscape is ridden with risks—the recent collapse of FTX is the perfect example. This is why experts recommend that you spend no more than 5% of your earnings on crypto investments.

You can start with Bitcoin IRA, which is a great option for newbies. This is the world’s first cryptocurrency IRA platform that lets you self-trade crypto anytime and anywhere. 

Keep in mind:

  • Cryptocurrency is volatile and there’s no telling when a currency can completely fail.
  • The industry is also prone to cybersecurity crimes. 

Learn more:

15. Try event planning

Earning potential: $15–$35/hour

Part-time event planners can earn anywhere from $28,000 to $53,000 a year—you can make more if your services are in demand. 

You can choose to specialize in a particular type of event planning—like weddings, baby showers, or birthdays—or offer general planning services.

Shortlist your services and vendors, and start building your clientele through ads, listings, your website, and so on.

Keep in mind:

  • This gig involves running lots of on-site errands to ensure perfect execution. 
  • You’ll need to collaborate and nurture your relationship with vendors.

Learn more:

Side hustles for women in their 40s

If you’re in your forties, you probably have more responsibilities, and less time and risk-taking capacity. 

We have the perfect side hustles for you—

16. Become a bookkeeper

Earning potential: $16–$25

You’ll help businesses record and manage their financial transactions—paying bills, managing payroll, and collecting necessary payments—all the hair-raising action.

The best part? 

Bookkeeping isn’t the same as accounting—so you can kick-start your part-time bookkeeping journey without a degree or certification.

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll need to familiarize yourself with popular financial software like Quickbooks and Xero and know how to make sense of balance sheets.
  • Collecting records, tracking errors, and so on can be time-consuming even with automated financial software.

Learn more:

17. Proofread

Earning potential: $21–$35

Freelance proofreaders help people and organizations keep their content clean, readable, and grammatically sound.

This is one of the best side hustles because aside from working remotely, you can also schedule your work hours. This side hustle also rarely requires an English degree or special certification.

If you have a personal computer, a stable internet connection, and excellent grammar skills, you’re good to go.

Keep in mind:

  • Analyzing text can be taxing and very repetitive. 
  • A proofreader’s income largely depends on their experience level.

Learn more:

18. Become a life coach

Earning potential: $14–$150/hour

Passionate, observant, and trustworthy—if these are some qualities you possess, you could be a successful life coach

First, pick any niche—from career coaching to health coaching. Then get a certification. And finally—start advertising your services.

Life coaching can be a lucrative gig, and can even turn into a profitable career

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll need certifications to build credibility and get hired.

Learn more:

Side hustles for single women

As a single woman, “resourceful” is your middle name, and you probably have “multitasking queen” tattooed on your forehead. 

We’ve compiled a list of side hustles that will leverage your skills to the fullest—

19. Drive for Lyft or Uber

Earning potential: $19–$30/hour

Lyft and Uber are both ride-hailing services to help customers book a ride with their smartphones. And these brands are hiring drivers by the minute. 

Currently, over 21% of Lyft drivers and 27% of Uber drivers in the US are women, and this number is on the rise as companies strive for diversity. 

Depending on your location and the amount of time you're willing to dedicate to this, driving for Uber or Lyft can be lucrative.

Keep in mind:

  • Both companies have strict car requirements. You’ll need a 2004 or newer car.
  • This is a competitive space, leading to companies continually reducing driver fares to one-up each other.

Get started:

20. Become a voiceover artist

Earning potential: $15–$40/hour

How does the idea of hanging out in your home studio in pajamas, and making a top-dollar sound? 

Launch your voiceover side gig by:

Keep in mind:

  • Job opportunities will heavily depend on your experience and previous work.

Learn more:

21. Run an online thrift store

Income potential: $10–$100

Ever dreamed of starting your own retail business? This one is for you. 

Online thrift stores are an economical business option for entrepreneurs with limited budgets. 

Opening a thrift store can also be a great way to clean out your overflowing collection, earn passive income, or even expand into a booming retail business.

Keep in mind:

  • Thrift stores usually don’t sell fast fashion, and ethically source their products—so expect your gross margins to be low.
  • You’ll typically have to pay self-employment taxes which can be quite high.
  • If your business grows, handling the packaging and logistics can be frustrating.

Learn more:

Side hustles for pregnant women

Serena Williams bagged her seventh Australian Open title without losing a set when she was pregnant. What a superstar! 

But let’s get real for a minute—this was only possible because of Serena’s endurance training, stamina, and resources. 

Most pregnant women don’t have all that, and probably want to put their feet up and do nothing. We get it. Here are some side gigs that are flexible and require minimum effort

22. Tutor online

Earning potential: $15–$38/hour

If you’re already a teacher or have expertise in a particular subject, you probably meet all the requirements for becoming an online tutor. 

This side job lets you earn by the hour by tutoring students online in your spare time. 

Check out online tutoring companies like Chegg Tutors, VIPKid, and Qkids, to get started. 

Keep in mind:

  • Some subjects have a higher demand for online tutoring than others.
  • Your income will directly depend on how many hours you can teach online.

Learn more:

23. Transcribe

Income potential: $10–$26/hour

Receive audio files from your clients and type what you hear

Sounds simple? 

Except this job requires you to have a good ear and quick fingers. Expect to transcribe anything from audio notes, videos, zoom meetings, phone calls, or even legal proceedings. 

You can check out freelancer sites like Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript for paid transcription opportunities.

Keep in mind:

  • Transcription contracts come and go, so your income won’t be consistent.
  • Time management is crucial for this side gig, as it’s easy to spend too much time on a single client file.

Learn more:

24. Rent stuff out 

Earning potential: Depends on the stuff you’re renting out.

Okay, but what stuff

We’re talking about anything from baby gear and cars to unused storage spaces.

Here are the deets:

  • Baby gear—rent out unused baby equipment on BabyQuip. Earn as much as $5,000/month.
  • Cars—list your car and rent it to customers on Turo. Make $12–$16/hour.
  • Storage spaces—list any empty storage space you have on Neighbor, and rent it to strangers every month. Make $50–$150/month.

Keep in mind:

  • Renting out stuff still involves some maintenance work and costs.

Learn more:

Finance side hustles for women

This is ironic coming from a finance writer, but I don’t remember the last time I discussed money with my girlfriends. 

This scenario is very common. Fidelity reports that as of 2021, only 33% of women actually see themselves as investors. And only 42% feel confident in their ability to save for future milestones like retirement.

Yeah, no. Let’s change that—

25. Become a peer-to-peer lender

Earning potential: $40–$50

Peer-to-peer (P2P) money lending can be a high-paying side hustleif you have some capital to begin with. By cutting out the middlemen (like traditional banks), P2P lending gives you a chance to earn more on your investments.

It’s easy to lend money on popular peer-to-peer lending platforms like LendingClub, Fundrise, and Prosper. These platforms evaluate the risk you face when financing individuals and businesses. They then set the potential returns you can make based on this risk. 

Keep in mind:

  • The government doesn’t provide insurance or protection to the lenders in case of the borrower default.
  • Peer-to-peer loans come with high credit risks.

Learn more: 

26. Invest in Stocks

Earning potential: An average of 10% annual returns on your investment.

As we speak, only 53% of American families are investing in the stock market—and the numbers for women investors are bound to be far lesser.

Get started now by investing in:

  • Individual stocks of a particular company. Experts recommend Etsy ($14.99 billion market cap), Pinterest ($16.62 billion market cap), and Scorpio Tankers Inc. ($2.92 billion market cap) as quality stock investment opportunities. 
  • Large-cap ETFs that track broad market indexes, such as the S&P 500. Experts recommend Vanguard Information Technology ETF (VGT), Invesco Solar ETF (TAN), and VanEck Retail ETF (RTH).
  • Dividend stocks of companies that give you regular dividend payments. Some dividend stock favorites are First American Corp. (FAF), Packaging Corp of America (PKG), and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM).

Keep in mind:

  • Investing in individual stocks can be time-consuming and requires thorough research. Make life simpler by using an investment rating platform like Morningstar
  • Choosing dividend stocks that offer the highest yields may not always be a wise move. Consider other criteria, like growth potential and payout ratio.

Learn more:

27. Try the rental arbitrage route

This is a “buy low, sell high” real estate investing strategy, where you don’t have to actually own a home. 

Rental arbitrage involves signing a long-term lease on a place, then renting it out by the week or month, and profiting on the difference.

For example, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 on home renovations, and earn $8,000 to approximately $10,000 on rent for a two-bedroom apartment. 

Keep in mind:

  • You have to be knowledgeable of the laws of the city where you want to set up your rental so you don’t get stuck paying for a unit that you can’t rent out.

Learn more:

Odd jobs for women

Technically, there’s no such thing as an odd job. 

Wanna be an alligator wrestler (a very high-paying job) or an exterminator? You do you, sister. 

But here are some easier-to-do, yet unusual side gigs to consider first—

28. Become a bereavement coordinator

Earning potential: $10–$26/hour

Bereavement coordinators assist people when they lose a friend or family member to death or terminal disease. You’ll most likely work in a healthcare organization

In a single day’s work, you may have to arrange a funeral service, file all the necessary paperwork, provide grief counseling, and refer people to social support services.

This one is for people with compassion and patience. 

Keep in mind:

  • This can be a mentally-taxing job.

Learn more:

29. Try video game testing

Earning potential: $14–$47/hour

Video gaming isn’t a man’s world. 

If you have a passion for it, you can easily become a video game tester.

Expect to play video games for hours on end and report bugs to the game developers.

You’ll have to test the user experience to ensure that games are interactive and fun for the players. This job may also involve finding glitches and problems in the games.

The actual requirements for these side jobs vary—but you can bag this gig without a college degree. 

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll have to play video games for hours with little breaks. This can get tiresome and repetitive.

Learn more:

30. Become a color consultant

Earning potential: $33–$40/hour

A color consultant combines color trends, color psychology, demographic statistics, and color design theories to best incorporate color into a project. 

These projects can be anything from the layout of a room to the logo of a company.

Keep in mind:

Learn more:

Key FAQs on Women Side Hustles and Quick Ways for a Woman to Make Money

1. How do women benefit from side hustles?

Marcia Layton Turner has worked as a freelancer for more than 20 years. 

She says, “The benefits are huge, which is why more women are now working as independent contractors. Some of the biggest I've experienced include:

  • Higher pay—I earn more as a gig worker today than I did working in corporate America, partly because I can work as much as I want and because I determine my rate.
  • Flexible schedule—when my children were younger, I arranged my work hours around their activities, so I never had to miss anything. I still earned a great living.
  • Control over work—as a freelancer, I can choose which clients to work with and which projects make the best use of my skills.
  • Improved efficiency—unlike many full-time jobs, I can avoid bureaucracy and unnecessary meetings that eat into my time. Instead, I attend client meetings that move my work forward and get paid for my presence.”

2. How do women make money online?

Bankrate’s recent survey on side hustle pay shows that women are more likely to take up side jobs related to babysitting, child care, crafts, or online sales.

Dielle Charon, a business coach, has helped several women go side hustling. She says, “A great way women can make money online is through coaching. You can coach in many areas that you are passionate in and help clients outside of your normal 9–5. This is what I did! I worked as a social worker than came home and coached my heart out. Choose from finances, career, relationships, business, design, email marketing, and so much more.”

Aside from these top recommendations, you can experiment with 30 other side hustles listed in our article.

3. What million dollar side hustle to pursue to make money online as a woman?

Check this out:

  • 28-year-old Kat Norton started posting mini Excel lessons on TikTok—and has now turned this side hustle into a million dollar business.
  • Julie Berningers, a mom, started selling printables and digital downloads on her Etsy shop—and has now converted that into Gold City Ventures, another million dollar business.

These are some of the side hustles we’ve listed in our article.

The point is—any of these 30 side gigs can be your million dollar side hustle, depending on how much time and effort you give it.

Wrapping up

We hope this list gave you some inspiration or advice about the best side hustles for women. 

Financial freedom and stability may not come easy to women—but with the evolution of the gig economy, you are now the only person with a monopoly over how much you earn. 

Pick a side hustle based on skills you already have or want to master—and get started!


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