Sometimes You Just Know You’re An Entrepreneur

I have been thinking a lot about this website lately as I continually strive to improve its performance and readership. It has been a little over 3 months since I began the adventure, and this morning, I caught myself reflecting not only on the first few days of this website’s life, but on my entrepreneurial history as a whole. Upon reviewing my past, I realized that I was destined to become an entrepreneur all along.

No Allowance

Did you have an allowance when you were growing up? I certainly did not. I still had chores, such as setting the table, cleaning the dishes, mowing the lawn (actually, I only mowed the lawn for a short while… after running over a tree, I was no longer allowed this privilege), but no payment was given.

Since there was no allowance, I often had to be creative in order to accumulate some money. I think this really sparked my entrepreneurial streak.

Pay Phone Money

One of the creative ventures – check all of the local pay phones for spare change! This obviously didn’t yield a ton of money, but a few lucky machines . . . → Read More: Sometimes You Just Know You’re An Entrepreneur