21 Ways to Make an Extra Grand a Month

extra grand a month

How much would an extra grand a month impact your life? For many of us, this extra chunk of change could make all the difference! It would enable us to make our mortgage payments, pay off our car loans, and maybe even allow us to take a nice vacation! (P.S. If you plan to use the extra grand a month to buy something stupid like a boat, a new Mercedes, or a mortgaged vacation home, please stop reading now…I don’t want to be any part of your idiocy!)

For me, an extra grand a month turned my paycheck-to-paycheck life into a life of savings, investments, and eventually…future riches! Think about it, with an extra grand a month, you could continue living paycheck to paycheck on your original money, and then you can stash away that thousand bucks every month, which would accumulate to $12,000 after just one year! With that . . . → Read More: 21 Ways to Make an Extra Grand a Month