7 Great Ways to Find and Keep a Great Tenant

find a keep great tenants

People love the idea of having rental property and collecting all that money each month. So, what’s holding so many people back from actually becoming landlords? I’ll tell you what.


The proverbial “I don’t wanna deal with phone calls about a backed up toilet at 2 am!” is what comes out of people’s mouths when you ask them why they haven’t taken the plunge (no pun intended!) into real estate investing.

Or the another common concern goes something like this: “Didn’t you read that story the other day online? These renters had sheep, goats, chickens, & who-knows-what-not else living in the house! They completely destroyed the place & then disappeared. No thanks! I don’t need the headache.” And they walk away from one of the easiest ways they’ll ever have to make serious money in their lifetime without hardly having to lift a finger.

If you want to become a landlord and ignore all of the naysayers, then it’s time to learn the ways to find and keep a great tenant! Read on and figure out one of the best ways to become wealthy!

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