10 Tips for Hosting a Lucrative Garage Sale

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Trying to earn extra money this summer? Hosting a garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your efforts: 1. Make a Game Plan​. Make sure to plan your garage sale in advance. It’s important to decide when and where you are having the sale. Once plans are made you can start preparing and advertising well before the actual date. 2. Make it Easy. Design your sale to make it easier for customers to shop. Be intentional when planning the lay out so it’s easier for shoppers to navigate. Hanging clothing is easier to look through than folded items. 3. Be Fair. You probably think your items are worth much more than they are in reality. Be fair when pricing everything at your next garage sale. Do research beforehand if you truly believe some of your items are special. [wp_campaign_1] 4. Give Special Treatment. You can attract more customers and sales if you do something special for potential buys. Provide them with something to drink according to the weather like ice water or hot chocolate. Provide . . . → Read More: 10 Tips for Hosting a Lucrative Garage Sale