Still Growing in Popularity – Goals Update #17

Whew! It seems like every week is crazier than the last, and this past week has certainly been no different. I traveled to New York on a business trip a week and a half ago, and since then my article, “9 Things the Rich Do That the Poor Do Not” was picked up by Business Insider, and then because of it’s popularity was set up as a featured article on their site! All in all, that article had over 191,000 views and 48 comments! Naturally, this drove a ton more traffic to my site, which then lead to more Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and new subscribers! This site growth has been absolutely excellent. Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does! It’s absolutely crazy what quality content can do.

Goals Update #17 – A Look at the Numbers

Alright, so let’s not delay. How am I doing . . . → Read More: Still Growing in Popularity – Goals Update #17