How to Improve Your Credit Score and Make Money Doing It


Two days ago, I made $225 and improved my credit score by 20 points. Talk about a win-win! How would you like to do the same thing? No, this is not a gimmick that will cost you thousands of dollars in the near-future. It’s a simple, logical way to earn money while improving your credit score. But, before you read on, you have to promise me that you will be responsible with your money if you decide to follow my lead. Promise? Ok, good. Let’s figure out how to improve your credit score!

I Researched my Credit Score

A few months ago, I came to the realization that my credit score is actually important. While I pay for nearly everything with cash (yes, including cars), a good credit score is still necessary when it comes to job interviews. You might think this is absurd, but it’s true. One of . . . → Read More: How to Improve Your Credit Score and Make Money Doing It

7 Ways to Build Your Credit Score


Who doesn’t want a higher credit score? The median American credit score is 723; if you don’t know yours, it’s time to find out so you can improve or repair your credit. And a major bonus: you’ll save money! Bad credit can make it difficult to get new credit, increase your interest rates, lengthen the time it takes to pay down debt, and prevent you from qualifying for insurance and housing.

With the amount of foreclosures, bankruptcies and ever-changing debt collection laws, it’s important to know how the FICO score works. So what exactly goes into your FICO credit score? Here’s the breakdown:

Timely Payment History (35%) – negative recordings, such as collections, late payments, bankruptcies, etc. will hurt you significantly here Debt(30%) – there are two main types here, the first being much more important. Revolving – this is unsecured debt, like credit and retail cards. Installment – . . . → Read More: 7 Ways to Build Your Credit Score