Can’t Sell Your House? Here Are Your Options

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The housing market is white hot right now. Some houses are selling in less than a day…and then there’s your house…which has been on the market for months and is still not selling. You’re desperate to know – what are your options if you can’t sell your house?? Lucky for you, there may still be a light at the end of this tunnel!

Here Are Your Options If You Can’t Sell Your House

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You might think that you only have one or two options to actually get some interest in your house at this point. You’re feeling desperate, but you don’t have to go there yet. Based on my research, you’ve actually got at least 11 options if you can’t sell your house right now! Let’s hit them one by one and get your house sold!!

1) Make Cheap (But Noticeable) Improvements

The absolute cheapest, but most impactful thing you can do with your house is paint it! Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got paint chipping off or if it’s just an ugly color, it’s time to buy some new buckets of paint . . . → Read More: Can’t Sell Your House? Here Are Your Options