How to Set Realistic Health Goals

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A new year is around the corner– what do you want to accomplish in 2015?

Food, Fitness, Finance

The most popular new year resolutions fall under the categories of food, fitness, and finance… conveniently the topics I write about at Budget for Health. I started making goals for myself 3 years ago and am thankful for this habit. I used to think goals were cheesy and a dumb idea until I made a few goals and realized how rewarding it was to check them off! Now you could say I’m hooked on making goals; I make annual goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. I even make daily goals sometimes with my to-do list for each day. Most importantly, I made realistic health goals.

If you decide to make health-related goals for 2015 I encourage you to tell someone about them. I appreciate the built-in accountability that comes with my blog . . . → Read More: How to Set Realistic Health Goals