The Key to Retiring in Your 50s

retiring in your 50s - plan

Most people will continue to work into their 60s (and sometimes beyond) because they have no idea when they can retire comfortably. But in today’s world it has become much easier for anybody to figure out if and when they can retire.

The Key to Retiring in Your 50s

The following is a guest post, written to make you think a little harder about your retirement. Do you have plans for retiring in your 50s??

I want to take a look at a couple that thinks they might be able to retire when they’re 59 years old. But they’re not sure, so their current plan is to keep working until they’re 65.

Can They Retire Early?

Our couple, John and Jane, are 52 years old today. Their savings total $475,000 and all of it is in IRAs. They have 75% of their money in stocks and 25% in bonds. I . . . → Read More: The Key to Retiring in Your 50s