Why We Said “No Thanks” to 20 Million Dollars

turned down millions of dollars

We recently turned down millions of dollars…$20 million to be exact. And quite honestly, I think it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Think we’re nuts? We might be. But after reading this post, I think many of you will agree with us…and you’d give up the $20 million too.

Why We Recently Turned Down Millions of Dollars

“Lately, we’ve been thinking about buying a boat…”

I was impressed. This, coming from my brother-in-law that had invested all of his money either in the stock market or in real estate and spends very little on pleasure. Heck, the guy is probably worth over a million bucks at 36 years old, and he and his wife and young kiddo still cram themselves in a small duplex because they’d rather have an investment than a true home to call their own.

…And then he ended his statement with…

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