Our Entire Financial Future, Controlled by Two Emotions


Did you know that your entire financial future can be summed up with just two emotions? Your purchases, investing, saving, giving, earning, and spontaneous spending, can all be explained because of a couple basic emotions known to each one of us. However, because many of us cannot control these two emotions, we end up unhappy and broke, but have a lot of stuff.

The First Emotion: Fear

When student first graduate from college, they are met with one of the biggest challenges of their entire lives: finding their first career job. Sure, there have been jobs before, but those were just to make a few bucks here and there. That job at the car wash, the restaurant, or for that mowing service; those were just short term to pay the bills and to hopefully put some money toward that college tuition. When that diploma enters your hands, things are . . . → Read More: Our Entire Financial Future, Controlled by Two Emotions