9 Untold Benefits of Cash

pay less in taxes

If I asked you to accurately draw a one dollar bill without looking at one, how close do you think you’d come to the real deal? About 20 years ago, I probably would have drawn a pretty accurate picture – for two reasons mainly: (1) cash was a more common form of payment back then, and (2) I was 10 years old then and knew of nothing other than cash. Today, I would probably fail miserably at drafting up a dollar bill, much like the rest of you.

Cash isn’t hardly used anymore. It’s bulky, it’s a slow form of payment, and it’s fairly easy to lose (especially those blasted coins that always fall out of my pocket!). While it seems like cash is becoming about as popular as Urkel’s accordion, there still are quite a few untold benefits of cash!

9 Untold Benefits of Cash

Have you ever wondered about the untold benefits of cash? In my mind, there are two categories of this cash benefit. There’s:

The benefit of stock-piling cash, and The benefit of using cash

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