February 2015
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Why I Refuse to Automate My Savings

automate my savings

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“Save Money Without Even Thinking About It”: This is their motto. Digit is one of the first software packages out there that will study your spending patterns and move money into your savings account for you. Almost every personal finance blogger I know absolutely loves it. I, on the other hand, pretty much hate it and think you should too.

I absolutely 100% refuse to automate my savings with digit. I refuse . . . → Read More: Why I Refuse to Automate My Savings

Avoiding Student Loan Pitfalls

20110905 - college loans

After high school graduation, there are all kinds of enthusiastic statements that come your way. You’re on your way, the world is your oyster, you know the drill. Yes, the world is your oyster…but seafood is expensive. All the aspirations and ability in the world won’t carry you very far if you can’t pay for college.

So where do you start? Your super-involved, straight-A classmates may have scored free rides to their institution of choice, but those opportunities are rare. And with the economic downturn, foundations and private scholarships are cutting back. That same economy has made the labor market . . . → Read More: Avoiding Student Loan Pitfalls

3 Foundations for Financial Success

foundations for financial success

A recent title, “Simple, Bedrock Rules on Personal Finance“ caught my attention the other day, and I was proud to say that I could check off many of the rules on the list. If you’ve been following Life and My Finances for any length of time I’m confident you’ll find plenty of articles that elaborate on many of the rules in the list. To name a few:

Rule: Teach your kids about money Article: Two main things kids must know about money

Rule: Tune out advertising Article: Are you a sucker for advertising?

Rule: Cut the waste Article: 5 ways . . . → Read More: 3 Foundations for Financial Success

15 Financial Moves to Avoid at All Costs

financial moves to avoid

We all want to succeed with our finances, but there are so many of us that make idiotic financial decisions without even realizing it! After many years of working our tails off, our retirement accounts are still tiny and our bank accounts haven’t seen a comma in what seems to be a lifetime. Most of our money woes can be directly tied to the financial moves below. Take a look at the top financial moves to avoid and promise never to do any of them!!

#1. Cosign on a Loan

I put cosigning a loan at the top of the . . . → Read More: 15 Financial Moves to Avoid at All Costs

Top Articles of the Week and Goals Update #8

20150222 - twitter followers

Want to read the top articles of the week that weren’t written by me? I know, it’s hard to believe that anyone other than me could write something worthy of reading (note the sarcasm), but nevertheless, below are the best articles I came across this past week. AND, I of course talk about the progress of my goals from this past week. Enjoy!

Top 4 Articles of the Week

There actually weren’t too many articles that impressed me this week, so I had to extend my search for more. These four are definitely solid reads though. Enjoy:

High Paying Jobs . . . → Read More: Top Articles of the Week and Goals Update #8

Flipping My First House

flipping my first house

My buddy Joshua is on a mission to flip his first house. Read all about how it went down in his guest post below!

After years of thinking about it, I knew it was time for me to take the chance. I’ve always wanted to flip a house but the timing was never right. It seemed like I could never come up with the funds when I needed them or find the right deal when I had funds available. This time I was determined to find something that fit my criteria. Last week I finally purchased a home with the . . . → Read More: Flipping My First House

4 Skills Every CEO Needs

20140321 - home office

Chief Executive Officer is one of the most important jobs associated with any company. The CEO is the one who makes important decisions and ensures that the daily operations run smoothly. While you already know that you need strong decision making skills and time management skills, you might not be aware of the other skills needed for the job. While the daily tasks that a CEO does can vary from job to job, most of those working in these positions today possess four clear and distinct skills.


You cannot expect to succeed as a CEO in the modern world . . . → Read More: 4 Skills Every CEO Needs

Bad Credit Hurts You In More Ways Than You Think


It may sound strange, but a 3 digit number can have a significant impact on your life. Your credit score has a direct impact on the rates you pay on financing and auto insurance, your ability to get a checking account, apartment or cell phone, and it may have an impact on any government assistance that you apply for.

You may think of your credit score as a black box. Many people do. Most just do the best that they can with their finances and just have an “it is what it is” attitude with their credit score. The truth . . . → Read More: Bad Credit Hurts You In More Ways Than You Think

5 Ways to Give Back When You’re Short on Cash

ways to give back

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Study after study has shown that Winston Churchill was right. Giving to charity makes us happier and healthier. However, between paying rent, buying groceries, and trying to put a bit back for retirement, it can often feel like there’s not a lot of extra money in the budget. If you feel like your budget is stretched too thin to give much money, there are many other ways to give back. Consider these five ways to contribute to your community even . . . → Read More: 5 Ways to Give Back When You’re Short on Cash

Want to Succeed? Then Stop Making Everything So Fricken Complicated

want to succeed keep it simple

Do you want to succeed financially? How about physically, mentally, and spiritually? The very thought of succeeding in each one of these categories can be daunting, and can often stress people right out of trying before they even get started! The truth though, is that becoming a success in each one of these categories does not have to be difficult. In fact, becoming financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually fit can actually be quite simple!

Our Tendency to Over-complicate Life

If you want to succeed at shedding 20 pounds of extra weight, what is often the advice of the experts? Many . . . → Read More: Want to Succeed? Then Stop Making Everything So Fricken Complicated