21 Ways to Get Your Paycheck Back!!


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This is a paycheck stub. Almost every American can relate to the big number on the top, and the much smaller number at the bottom (you know, after Uncle Sam robs you blind).

A few weeks ago, I informed all of you that you own very little of your paycheck (Who Owns Your Paycheck?), but I neglected to tell you how you can win that money back! Well, today’s the day. If you’re sick of giving all your money away and having nothing left at the end of the month, this is a must read for you. Get out your pen and notepad, it’s time to get your money back!

21 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Paycheck

You’re probably thinking to yourself, . . . → Read More: 21 Ways to Get Your Paycheck Back!!

Rental House or the Stock Market – Who Won So Far in 2016?

rental house or the stock market

Liz and I bought a rental house on November 30th, 2015. We fixed it up, had an open house, and landed some awesome renters that moved in on April 15th, 2016. We are now officially landlords (which still seems weird to say).

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So what’s the point? Why did Liz and I decide to dump $90,000 into a rental property instead of the stock market?

It’s pretty simple actually. We don’t trust the stock market at all.

The market goes up, tumbles down, it comes back again and thrives, and then all the sudden it’s down in the dirt again. Quite frankly, the market seems about as safe as jumping out of a plane with a 50 year old parachute; we might be completely safe and have the time of our lives…or we might die with nothing.

Yes, we still . . . → Read More: Rental House or the Stock Market – Who Won So Far in 2016?

Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

In the last couple of weeks, an interesting financial concept has made it’s way into my life. I’ve begun to wonder if it’s ever a good idea to be what some would perceive to be as stupid with money.

Before you slam your laptop shut, hear me out by reading the following example. The reason this has come up is because of a trend I’m seeing in my hometown of Miami among my millennial peers.

This post was written by Amanda Abella – a fabulous writer, speaker, and financial coach!

Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

While our local economic situation is a long story, here’s the short version: Rent is through the roof and millennials are still living at home as a result. We’re pretty sure this market is going to tank and rent will come down because Miami has a rich history of this, but . . . → Read More: Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

How to Use the Growth Mindset to Grow Rich

Pursue a Growth Money Mindset

You’re smart, so you know by now when it comes to personal finances, you just need to spend less than what you earn. Obviously there are other logical actions such as avoid debt and making sure you budget for expenses.

All of this sounds simple, but why do so many of us still find it so challenging?

It’s because when it comes to the challenges around our money, it’s our emotions that get in our way. In order to get a better handle on our finances (i.e. grow rich), having a growth mindset is key.

What is a Growth Mindset?

The term “growth mindset” was made popular in Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” which states that having a growth mindset allows your brain to be more open to change and achievement. Instead of associating success to how intelligent we are and existing abilities, people with a . . . → Read More: How to Use the Growth Mindset to Grow Rich

Why I Just Doubled Down on Silver

Why I Just Doubled Down on Silver

Back in late June, I went against Dave Ramsey’s advice and I bought silver. Actually, I bought a silver/gold motif (see my reasoning here), but I’m sure it still wasn’t Ramsey approved. Within the first 12 days of my investment, the silver and gold motif soared and I was up 23% on my investment. Within the next month or so, my earnings climbed to 33%!

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The initial plan was to invest in silver as a hedge against the market. Once the stock market crashed (I’m suspecting early 2017), I was going to ride the monstrous wave of silver earnings into late 2017, then cash out and buy a severely discounted rental property. I definitely didn’t expect the early windfall 12 days after the initial purchase.

Fast forward four months and silver has tumbled once again…(doh!). At this point, I had . . . → Read More: Why I Just Doubled Down on Silver

How Much Is That New Car Costing You?

What's Your New Car Costing You?

Mmmmm….new cars. The smell, the perfect feel, the virgin engine. Annnnnd, the price tag. New cars are fricken expensive, but that doesn’t stop us all from wanting one. Let’s face it, a new car makes you feel powerful, established, successful! But that new car high comes with a price. A price that very few of us fully understand. How much is that new car costing you? Let’s dig into the details so I can ruin your dreams of ever wanting a new car again. 😉

How Much Is That New Car Costing You?

According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price of a new car today is $34,000. There you have it. Article over.

Well….not quite. Actually, not even close.

This $34,000 price tag is only the beginning. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentleman, we’re going to start digging into the true price of that new car.

1) You’re . . . → Read More: How Much Is That New Car Costing You?

4 Reasons You Can’t Get Out of Debt – And How You Can Change

4 Reasons You Can't Get Out of Debt

There are reasons you can’t get out of debt. Let’s find them and learn how to hurdle the problems.

This is a guest post, written by Jamie Jeffers – Enjoy!

Oh. Sure, I knew we were in debt. I just hadn’t actually added up all the numbers before. And the digits staring me back in the face were much higher than I’d expected.

In fact, the number was kind of overwhelming. It would have been easier to shut the laptop and curl up on the couch with a cold drink and a baseball game than to face facts. And I nearly did that.

But then I realized that the long list of things I’d like to do was stifled precisely because of that debt number. Everything I wanted the most was on the other side of that figure.

And then I knew that it was time to get serious about . . . → Read More: 4 Reasons You Can’t Get Out of Debt – And How You Can Change

4 Ways Parenthood Will Teach You About Money

4 Ways Parenthood Will Teach You About Money

If there is anything that had a powerful effect on how I handled money, it was becoming a parent. When are the stakes ever higher than when your decisions and actions directly influence the most precious people in your life? The irony is, I learn just as much from my kids as they do from me. That is why I’ve put together a list of ways parenthood will teach you about money.

4 Ways Parenthood Will Teach You About Money

If you already have kids, then you know the truth: We appear to the world as teachers, but when it comes to life with kids, we’re students.

Parenthood offers free, daily lessons (whether you want them some days or not) in things like:

Patience Problem solving Intentional living The ABC’s according to Dr. Seuss Mending ailments How to communicate feelings How to talk your child out of watching anymore Caillou . . . → Read More: 4 Ways Parenthood Will Teach You About Money

How to Start a WordPress Blog on iPage For $24 – Life And My Finances

How to Start a Blog on iPage

I used to write blog posts that said, “Want to make money? Then start a blog!”….not very helpful. I’d constantly get questions like:

“How do I go about choosing a site name?” “What web host should I choose?” “How do I actually set up the site?”

Heck, sometimes I’d even get questions about whether they should start a free blog vs. paying for hosting (FYI, if you’re serious about making money with your blog, I strongly suggest paying for hosting)!

Instead of continuing to field these questions one by one, I finally decided to write this complete step by step guide to start a WordPress blog on iPage. Right here, right now.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on iPage

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I started this website through iPage back in 2010 and have consistently earned $10,000+ a year because of it (some years close to $30,000!!). . . . → Read More: How to Start a WordPress Blog on iPage For $24 – Life And My Finances

Why Black Friday is a Good Day to Buy Ink Cartridges


Ah…the shortening of the days, the new feeling of chilliness in the mornings, Halloween and Christmas decorations appearing on the shop shelves…this can only mean one thing – Black Friday is approaching!

What once started off as an American phenomenon has crossed the Atlantic and now UK shoppers find themselves being tempted into shopping centres during the last weekend in November to bag some serious bargains for themselves before Christmas hoves into view.

Black Friday started in the US in 1932 and although the term Black Friday was coined in the 1960s to refer to the heavy traffic after Thanksgiving Day, it has come to mean shops and stores making a healthy profit from an increased footfall.

It’s time to strike!

All kinds of retailers have a Black Friday sale – clothes shops, electricals, pet stores, make up – you name it, it’ll make serious discounts over this weekend. Many . . . → Read More: Why Black Friday is a Good Day to Buy Ink Cartridges