July 2014
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The Best Time to Get Life Insurance

life insurance

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The thought of setting up a term life insurance policy doesn’t usually come mind unless you enter a stage of life where people are dependent on your income. Do you have a spouse or kids that rely on your income and/or would take on your debt if you died? Then NOW is the best time to get a life insurance policy. If you are single but plan to get married soon or . . . → Read More: The Best Time to Get Life Insurance

Reinvest Your Profits to Grow Your Wealth Exponentially

individual profits

Have you ever purchased something that you hoped would increase your income? If you just read that sentence twice and have a blank stare on your face, then I suggest you keep reading. If you nodded in agreement, congratulations! I am so excited for you and hope that you can learn even more about wealth-building assets from this post.

The Typical American Citizen

For quite some time now, the average American citizen has learned how to spend absolutely everything that they earn each month, with very little (if anything) left over for savings or investments. In the example . . . → Read More: Reinvest Your Profits to Grow Your Wealth Exponentially

5 Reasons Why I Keep My Small Bills On the Outside

20140726 - money clip

Kramer: Nobody carries wallets anymore. I mean, they went out with powdered wigs. Yeah, see here’s what you need. Just a couple of cards and your bankroll.

See, keep the big bills on the outside.

Jerry: That’s a five.

I just couldn’t resist the quote above. Many moments in life remind me of either The Simpsons or Seinfeld and I just can’t help but smile and think about those classic lessons from the 1990′s. The other day I was going to make a large purchase and I decided to do it with cash, but (against the advice of Kramer) instead of putting . . . → Read More: 5 Reasons Why I Keep My Small Bills On the Outside

Derek’s 5 Tips to Becoming Wealthy

building wealth

“Why in the world are you worried about paying an extra $10 a month on your cell phone bill? My wife and I pay over $200 a month. That’s just the way it is.” — a coworker that will remain nameless

I wasn’t fully prepared to respond to this questioning at the time. To me, saving money just seemed logical. If I save $10 a month on my cell phone bill, that means I could spend (or more likely, invest) that money somewhere else. Why pay more than I have to? I soon realized that I was either one of . . . → Read More: Derek’s 5 Tips to Becoming Wealthy

9 Tips to Help You Save on Homeowners Insurance


One of the best ways to save money is by trimming an ongoing, monthly expense. After all, even chopping $5 from a recurring monthly bill will result in saving $60 over the span of a year. Recurring savings really add up.

Homeowner’s insurance is pricey, and you can save hundreds each year if you shop around, compare prices, and aggressively pursue the best quote (while not compromising coverage or value). Here are nine tips to help you save on the cost of homeowners insurance.

1.     Do Some Research. Research as many insurers as possible. Check their prices and service reviews. Once you . . . → Read More: 9 Tips to Help You Save on Homeowners Insurance

5 Keys For Happier Living

keys to happiness

Have you ever said to yourself, “If only I had _______, then I would be happy.”? Perhaps your item of happiness is a bigger house, a nicer car, or maybe it’s a boat. You envy people so much that have these things you want – you figure that you would be happy forever if you had them as well. Do you know what I’ve learned in my short life already? This is an absolute lie.

When we were in grade school, middle schoolers seemed to rule the playground. They were bigger, faster, and could easily push you around. In your grade . . . → Read More: 5 Keys For Happier Living

Searching For The Next Car Flip

If you have been following my mortgage payoff posts, you know that I need to somehow come up with $4,317 this month in order to keep pace with the rapid payoff of my mortgage. At the beginning of the month I had already written this off as impossible (and I actually wrote that in my post!), but as the month has gone on, all I can think about is that number…..$4,317. Instead of just saying, “Impossible. Can’t be done,” I need to ask myself, “How can this be made possible?” So out came the calculator.

Initially, I thought . . . → Read More: Searching For The Next Car Flip

How to Save Over $100 on Gas Every Month

save money on gasoline

I’m sure you have seen the infomercials about the additive you can put into your gas tank: “Not only will your car run smoother and faster, but you will save hundreds of dollars in gas throughout the year!”…..

Yeah. Right.

While some of those additives can be good for your car, most of them are a rip-off. Follow the methods below and you will save money on gas every month – guaranteed.

10 Ways to Save Money on Gas

1) Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Every 3,000-5,000 miles, you should bring your car into your service station to . . . → Read More: How to Save Over $100 on Gas Every Month

Do You Have a Life Coach?

whistle coach

I had an interesting conversation with my aunt while we were visiting with her in Chicago this past weekend. She has been working with a life coach since February and I was asking her all sorts of questions about what they discuss and how it works. She shared examples of finance, nutrition, social life, love life, and career topics they’ve gone over. For my aunt, this has been a great experience that has allowed her to thrive and make the most out of life. I was intrigued by the concept of a life coach but being the cheapo I am . . . → Read More: Do You Have a Life Coach?

How Many Retirement Years Will That New Car Cost You?

20140712 - infiniti and retirement

As I was leaving work the other day I spotted a brand new Infiniti QX70 SUV, and I admit it… I drooled a little. This car was absolutely gorgeous and I know that I would look soooo good behind that steering wheel. Since I have no debt (outside of my mortgage of course), I’m sure I could qualify for the loan and start driving one tomorrow, but how much would this really cost me? And not just the cost in dollars, but how many years of retirement might this purchase cost me? Would it just be a couple of years . . . → Read More: How Many Retirement Years Will That New Car Cost You?