December 2014
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Life After Debt – What Is This Place?

This is me staring at my paid-for house!

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So what is life like after debt? I’d like to tell you that life after debt is amazing and that it’s everything I dreamed it would be, but I don’t think I can honestly say that yet. At this point, I feel like I have escaped a world of normalcy and have somehow managed to step into a world that few even knew existed. As a result, my feelings have not yet . . . → Read More: Life After Debt – What Is This Place?

How to Set Realistic Health Goals

20140812 - healthy foods

A new year is around the corner– what do you want to accomplish in 2015?

Food, Fitness, Finance

The most popular new year resolutions fall under the categories of food, fitness, and finance… conveniently the topics I write about at Budget for Health. I started making goals for myself 3 years ago and am thankful for this habit. I used to think goals were cheesy and a dumb idea until I made a few goals and realized how rewarding it was to check them off! Now you could say I’m hooked on making goals; I make annual goals, monthly goals, . . . → Read More: How to Set Realistic Health Goals

How I Paid Off My $54,500 Mortgage In Less Than One Year

paid off my mortgage

The bank no longer has a grip on me - I am 100% debt free.

No credit card debt, no student loan debt, no house debt – they are all paid off in full.

How did I get here? Through careful planning…and then through a whirlwind of hard work and sleepless nights when those careful plans went to crap. It still feels a bit surreal, but as of December 11th, 2014, I am completely debt free (and I intend to stay that way for life).

How I Paid Off My Mortgage – The Crazy Idea Comes Into Fruition

It was about . . . → Read More: How I Paid Off My $54,500 Mortgage In Less Than One Year

Technology is Stealing Your Money

20141214 - high tech costs

Thank goodness we live in a world of technology, right? Mmm, I don’t know about that. Sure, there are handy gadgets that I like to use once in a while – like GPS, Pandora, and the Nike Running app – but most of the time technology just rips me off and costs me more than I care to know about!

Let’s Talk About Those New Cars

All the new cars today are filled with gadgets. What used to be manual crank windows, manual locks, and manual sliding seats is now power windows, power locks, and power heated seats….oh, and cup . . . → Read More: Technology is Stealing Your Money

14.5 Reasons I’m Thankful For My Job

Derek Sall - grad pic

I realize that Thanksgiving is behind us, but I really need to remind myself that I have an amazing job – hence the writing of this post. Too many times I look so far ahead into the future, thinking about the goals I have yet to achieve, that I forget to enjoy what I have in this moment. Do you ever struggle with this? If you live somewhere on this planet, then I am almost certain that you struggle with thankfulness in the present as well. We all do. What is it that you should be more thankful for?

I . . . → Read More: 14.5 Reasons I’m Thankful For My Job

Three Holiday Charitable Giving Tips

make extra money

Are you planning on making a charitable donation this year? If so — first of all, good for you. Secondly, you probably already know where this article is heading: I’m going to talk about how to make sure you can write off your donation on your taxes (with my three charitable giving tips of course).

But first, I’d like to issue a disclaimer: You shouldn’t make a charitable donation purely for the sake of getting a tax write-off. There are two reasons why I advise this. First, the math doesn’t make sense. Making a donation just to get a write-off is the equivalent . . . → Read More: Three Holiday Charitable Giving Tips

Which Fuel Option is Best? Diesel? Flex Fuel? Electric?

20141207 - electric

Have you ever thought about buying a different car so that you could save money on gas? I sure have! My latest wish was “to have a car that could run on flex fuel so that I could spend less than $2.00 for a gallon of gas!” But, would this truly be the best option? What about electric? What about diesel? And what about good ol’ gasoline? Which fuel option is best? I was so curious that I figured I may as well write an article to educate others as I learn about these different options myself!

Flex Fuel (E85) . . . → Read More: Which Fuel Option is Best? Diesel? Flex Fuel? Electric?

Am I Frugal or Cheap?

frugal or cheap

After writing my wildly popular article, “25 Examples of My Extreme Cheapness“, I actually freaked myself out a little. Am I really as cheap as I sound? Then, after receiving a few comments like, “Wow, I can’t imagine living like this”, I was taken back even more! Being frugal is one thing, but to be called cheap is quite a different animal! So what is the real difference between being cheap and exercising frugality? And where do I actually fit in? Am I frugal or cheap?

1) Deciphering the Difference Between Value and the Lowest Cost

If you are constantly . . . → Read More: Am I Frugal or Cheap?

Will I Pay Off The Mortgage This Month?

pay off the mortgage

I have spent the last 11 months aggressively paying down my mortgage with the hopes of making the final payment here in December. So am I going to pay off the mortgage this month? It actually looks promising! Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me show you how I’ve gotten to this point.

From the Beginning: Pay Off The Mortgage in 2014

After paying my ex the $20,000 she demanded in 2013, I realized how quickly I could actually accumulate money! This got me thinking about the mortgage I hated, and I soon began to wonder if . . . → Read More: Will I Pay Off The Mortgage This Month?

What is the Right Binary Trading Strategy For Me?

Binary Options Trading for LifeAndMyFinances

When individuals first embark on a binary options trading adventure, much of their time is generally spent researching the set of assets that their brokers makes available. Not long after starting, however, investors need to start thinking about what kind of trading strategy they should pursue. The goal, of course, is to generate a good return on your invested capital, but not all approaches to market analysis are equally suited to generating attractive returns. In this article we evaluate two of the main schools of techniques that people use when figuring out what approaches they should take in order to . . . → Read More: What is the Right Binary Trading Strategy For Me?