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8 Ways to Slash Gym Costs

20140917 - slash gym costs

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Getting exercise is important … but “losing weight” should come from your belly, not your wallet.

Here are 8 ways you can cut-back on the cost of a gym membership — either by finding a cheaper option, or by looking at free alternatives.

8 Ways To Slash Gym Costs

1. Do a Trial Run. Most gyms offer a free week or trial period to new customers. Take advantage of these trials to . . . → Read More: 8 Ways to Slash Gym Costs

It May Be Time to Review Your Insurance Coverage

20140916 - insurance falling man

If you have a mortgage, you are probably required to have homeowners insurance. It is also possible that when you took out your policy, you chose the least expensive option you could in order to keep costs down for your new home. However, things change over time, and you may need to revisit your policy to be sure you have the best coverage.

Flood Insurance

Flood zones change over the years, and your home may now be in an area that qualifies for flood insurance. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your insurance agent any changes to flood zone . . . → Read More: It May Be Time to Review Your Insurance Coverage

Increase Your Income by Decreasing Your Wages

passive income

Did you catch that? Did you know that the best way to become wealthy is by actually decreasing your wages? That’s right. According to the well-known book, “The Millionaire Next Door“, most millionaires do not earn their wealth by becoming highly paid employees. Nope, 2/3 of them own their own business and invest much of their profits either into their company or toward investments, which will then earn them a larger revenue. So what is the real difference? It’s all earnings right? Wrong. The term “income” in my mind is far different from the word “wages”.

The Road Out of . . . → Read More: Increase Your Income by Decreasing Your Wages

That Was the Exact OPPOSITE of What I Want My Life to Be Like

20140914 - thumb way down

Evil glares, loud conversation, irritable looks, and a plethora of canned goods. This is most definitely NOT what I want my future life to be like, but this IS what I witnessed yesterday.

I raided my cupboards and my fridge yesterday, only to discover that it was time to spend some more money on food. Off to Aldi I went, the land of $2.69 milk, $1.29 eggs, and $0.89 bread. It truly is a marvelous place. However, it seems that not everyone thinks so. The moment I walked through the doors my ears started ringing with old lady bitterness. “What . . . → Read More: That Was the Exact OPPOSITE of What I Want My Life to Be Like

Would You Sell Your Car to Get Out of Debt?

20140912 - get out of debt

Just the other day, I read an article about paying down your car loan and the author suggested that a car loan should be paid off before you start paying down your credit cards (if you are trying to get out of debt that is). He had five solid reasons for doing so, but I just didn’t buy it. So, I left my opinion in the comments section:

Derek@LifeandMyFinances says:

All of the reasons make sense, but I just can’t get over the fact that you will be losing more money to that credit card interest (because it will almost always hold . . . → Read More: Would You Sell Your Car to Get Out of Debt?

Is It Worth Buying Organic?

20140910 - fruit

“So is it worth buying organic foods?”

This is a question I often get since organic foods cost significantly more than conventionally grown/raised food. There is debate whether or not organic is healthier than conventionally grown products, and results from recent studies seem to show that organic may be be higher in nutrients but the differences are not all that significant. However, the likelihood of finding pesticide residue on organic produce is about 30% less than conventional. Hopefully this brief overview will help to clarify this question and help you decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars.

. . . → Read More: Is It Worth Buying Organic?

How Much Student Debt is Too Much?

student debt

So what do you think? How much student debt is too much? $20,000? $40,000? $100,000? What if I told you that I came up with a simple formula that would tell you if your student debt was simply more than you should take on? Lucky for you, I did.

The Importance of College Today

Without a college education, a young adult would have a very difficult time finding a well-paying job today. It seems like a degree is needed for everything (which, in my opinion, is total crap)! Heck, even secretaries are advised to have a degree these days! . . . → Read More: How Much Student Debt is Too Much?

What is the Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt?

ditching debt

Having financial conversations with friends and family is often taboo, but these are my favorite kinds of discussions! A few years back, my neighbor was absolutely convinced that her car loan was “good debt” because it allowed her to get to work and earn a living. I strongly disagreed and left that conversation shaking my head. But who was right? And what is the difference between good debt and bad debt?

My Research Led Me to a Childish Outburst

When I started looking up various opinions on this topic, I came across an article from CNN Money. This is how . . . → Read More: What is the Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt?

Money Saving Tips for the Savvy Spender

20140916 - savvy spender money

Smart shoppers know that the key to savvy spending is that the deal they see today is probably not the deal of the century. Just because something is 25% off does not mean that one should buy it. Instead, the savvy shopper must first consider their needs, and then wait until those needed items are on sale for a ridiculously cheap price. Instead of a new dress (that truly isn’t needed, let’s face it), your need might be a less-pricey and better coverage car insurance. Instead of just choosing the first policy you see on TV, the savvy spender will . . . → Read More: Money Saving Tips for the Savvy Spender

Living on Only $460 a Month? Really?

20111223 - 100 dollar bill

I woke up this morning and realized that my mortgage will soon be gone. No longer will I have money deducted from my account each month. My house will be 100% mine. I also will not have any other common forms of debt: student loans, car loans, credit card balances, or any other type of loans. I will be completely debt-free.

I don’t need a car loan because I decided to buy a 2001 Honda Civic two years ago. In these two years, it has only cost me $500 in repairs and has depreciated in value by about $300. And, . . . → Read More: Living on Only $460 a Month? Really?