Sell My Site For $60,000???

sell my site

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An unexpected event happened the other day… An agency reached out to me via email, saying they were interested in buying my site.

Their questions were simple.

How much does your site earn per month? What would you be willing to let it go for?

I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had these emails before and they usually turn into a $5,000 offer, which is just plain ridiculous.

Within a day or two, I casually responded that my site earns between $1,000 and $1,500 a month (anyone can see this by the way – just check out my income reports), but that I was still working to better monetize it (this has never really been a strong point of mine).

Since . . . → Read More: Sell My Site For $60,000???

10 Cheap Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less

cheap recipes you can make in 15 minutes or less

Want to cut your expenses so you can get out of debt? The top 3 most expensive budget items today are your house, your car, and FOOD. If you want to put a dent in your debt, tell your stomach to watch out! It’s time to make a change!

10 Cheap Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less!

This post has been written by our talented staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

Even if you love cooking, chances are life can get in the way sometimes. Many days, families, busy professionals, or college kids just don’t have the time to make a delicious 4-course meal. And to top it all off, food can get expensive! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 10 cheap recipes you can make in 15 minutes or less.

#1. Simple Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the ultimate cheap recipes . . . → Read More: 10 Cheap Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less

Free Mortgage Payoff Calculator – How Fast Could You Pay Off YOUR Mortgage??

mortgage payoff calculator

You paid off your credit cards, student loans, your car. You saved up a solid emergency fund and now you’re investing 15% for your retirement. Holy crap, you’re rocking it!! And now it’s time to start paying off your house! Woot woot!!

FYI – If you’re not quite up to this step yet (ie. you still have consumer debt), be sure to use this debt snowball tool for help! And then come back to this post when you’re in a better position to slay your mortgage!

How Fast Could You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Alright, so now you’ve got a 15-year, a 30-year, or maybe even a 50-year mortgage (hopefully not though!). What if you started throwing some extra money at it? How quickly could you pay it off? I bet you’d be surprised!

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In January of 2015, I made the decision . . . → Read More: Free Mortgage Payoff Calculator – How Fast Could You Pay Off YOUR Mortgage??

Michelle Made Almost $1 Million Blogging Last Year…So I Asked Her a Few Questions… ;)


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has earned more money in just a few years than most people do in their lifetime. And that’s not even the most amazing part. She didn’t earn this pile of money by becoming a doctor or lawyer. She did it by blogging….!

I aspire to do the same – and many of my readers do as well – so why not ask one of the most amazing bloggers of all time a few questions about how she did it??

If you don’t have a blog yet, but are inspired to start – check out my page, “How to Start a WordPress Blog on iPage for Just $24“.

For those of you that already have a blog – read on, learn, and dream!

* * * * *

Michelle, last year you earned $979,321 with your blog Holy crap! But, before we get into that, I . . . → Read More: Michelle Made Almost $1 Million Blogging Last Year…So I Asked Her a Few Questions… 😉

What’s Your Spare Time Actually Worth?? It’s Time to Quantify It!!

spare time actually worth

“Hhhgggrrr,” I grunted as I attempted to fit one more curl into my set. My face was red, I was out of breath, and to be completely honest, I was even a little dizzy… Of course it was at that moment (why is it that opportunities always come when you’re visibly at your worst??) that a guy behind me wanted to get chatty, “So what is it you’re training for?”

Somewhat embarrassed, I basically told him, “Nothing” (I’m just crazy enough to work out for the sake of working out), and then we got into the small-talk conversations…our names, ages, where we work, etc.

He was a financial advisor and was obviously well-off. After learning about my passions and my work, it was pretty evident that he thought I should be the same.

“You’re old enough, you can look people in the eye when you talk with them, and you . . . → Read More: What’s Your Spare Time Actually Worth?? It’s Time to Quantify It!!

Ready to Invest? Earn a Free $50 with Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple logo

The beauty of becoming a reputable blogger is that you can help tons of people with their financial decisions AND you can give them great deals on some fantastic products.

The second part…the part where you get an amazing deal…this is one of those times.

Wealthsimple is an investment website where you can buy low-cost ETFs that match your investment style. And, if you invest with them through this link, you can earn an extra $50!

This post contains affiliate links, but at no extra cost to you!

What’s So Great About Wealthsimple?

Why am I so excited to promote Wealthsimple?

I’ve got 7 solid reasons: They make diversification easy with simple investment options that fit your “money personality” They have socially responsible options if you’d rather avoid the companies with bad habits There’s no minimum investment which means no one has an excuse! 🙂 The fees are super low . . . → Read More: Ready to Invest? Earn a Free $50 with Wealthsimple

My June 2017 Blog Income Report

june 2017 blog income

Whoa. June is over already? Time flies when you’re having fun! And let me tell you, blogging has been incredibly fun lately.

Two of my posts have been extremely popular in the personal finance world and continue to drive crazy traffic to my site:

How Much Should You Spend on That?, and How The Debt Snowball Really Works (Free Debt Calculator Included!)

And, as if that weren’t enough, I was featured on CNBC and Yahoo! Finance for my debt payoff story!

The blogging life is good. It’s easy to see why I recommend blogging to all my friends, right??

You might not realize it, but you can: Start a blog for just $24 for the ENTIRE FIRST YEAR! Follow this link to sign up, and here’s a step-by-step guide if you don’t think you can do it yourself. There, simple! Use blogging to learn more about a topic yourself . . . → Read More: My June 2017 Blog Income Report

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

pay off your mortgage early

You just received a $100,000 inheritance (Woot woot!). You want to be smart with it…so buying a Ferrari is out of the question. But should you pay off your mortgage early? Or, should you put the money into the stock market to earn more interest over time?

This is the age-old question…

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Ask almost any financial advisor and they’ll tell you to put your money into the market…

Here’s their reasoning:

You’re likely paying just 4% (or less) interest on your mortgage loan, and the market has historically earned 7-8%. Thus, it only makes sense to put your money in the stock market and earn more. The interest on your home is tax deductible, so it makes more sense to keep it and save money on taxes.

It sounds completely logical at first, and many people go along with their reasoning (including members . . . → Read More: Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

3 Reasons Starting a Business in Retirement is a Good Idea

starting a business in retirement

Many people go into retirement as a personal decision to slow down or to attend to other interests – many others are “persuaded” into retirement because of changes in their industry. Irrespective of the reasons why you retired, it is normal to have a nagging feeling that you are quite done with work. Interestingly, available data suggests that many folks have an itching desire to get busy with work again once the initial novelty of retirement has worn off.

Why Starting a Business In Retirement Is a Good Idea

The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity revealed that the number of new entrepreneurs between 55 and 64 years increased from 14.5% in 2010 to 22.9% in 2010. If you are one of the many people struggling with a desire to get out of retirement to start a business, this article provides three reasons starting a business in retirement is a good . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons Starting a Business in Retirement is a Good Idea

Don’t Let a Job Switch Nuke Your Retirement

withdraw your retirement early

Switching jobs can be tough financially, especially if you didn’t plan on leaving your old job. You lose your steady paycheck and your benefits. You still have all of the bills you had before, and maybe expensive COBRA insurance at the same time.

Even if you start a new job immediately, you may have more time than usual between paydays. And what if you don’t have a new job yet? Experts estimate your job search in terms of how much of an annual salary you’re looking for as one month for every $10,000. That means if you used to earn $70,000 a year, it will likely take you 7 months to find that next job! Ouch!

And suddenly, you remember…you had a retirement account at that old job. You’ve been saving 3, 5, maybe even 10% or more of your salary for years. You really need that money now. Maybe . . . → Read More: Don’t Let a Job Switch Nuke Your Retirement