November 2014
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How to Reduce Your Restaurant Expenses


If you’re like me, then you love the novelty and experience of dining out at restaurants. Eating at your own home, night after night, can feel mundane and boring. But, there’s an obvious problem: restaurants are expensive. How can you avoid the boredom of eating at home constantly without blowing your budget on pricey dinners. After lots of trial-and-error, here are some of the best tips that I’ve adopted in my quest to dine out without overspending. Feel free to use these tips to reduce your restaurant expenses as well!

#1: Get Just Drinks or Dessert

If your motivation for dining out . . . → Read More: How to Reduce Your Restaurant Expenses

How to Keep Your Cool This Black Friday

20141124 - black friday ad

It sure is fun to buy a deal isn’t it? Here’s how it typically goes: You find that product that you’ve been looking for and it’s at a marked down price. You snatch it up quickly and put it into your cart. In the checkout line you keep looking at that item and can’t believe that you’re finally buying it! With a swipe of your credit card and a quick signature, you have officially purchased it. It’s yours! And for such a great deal too! That rush of the purchase is like no other. But should we always be making . . . → Read More: How to Keep Your Cool This Black Friday

Start Tackling Your Debt One Dollar at a Time

20130306 - cash roll

Are you ready to start tackling your debt? Yes, it can seem daunting to start tackling your mountain of debt, but it IS possible! By focusing on paying off just one dollar at a time, paying off any debt is possible. Even a massive debt can be paid off sooner than you might think. Just keep your head down and keep chuggin! You can do it!

Don’t Forget Your Reasons For Getting Out of Debt

If you start tackling your debt without a real reason, then you likely won’t ever get to the finish line. For instance, if you decide . . . → Read More: Start Tackling Your Debt One Dollar at a Time

Which Makes More Sense – Landlord’s Insurance or Homeowner’s Insurance?


A homeowner’s insurance policy covers many things, including not just the physical structure of the home, but also the contents of the home such as electronics, furniture, and more. A homeowner’s insurance policy is absolutely essential to protect yourself from being financially ruined by some occurrence beyond your control.

If a storm damages your property so badly that you can’t possibly afford to fix it in a timely manner on your own, homeowner’s insurance protects you by paying for damage to the home and its contents. But is homeowner’s insurance important for everybody who owns a home?

If you and . . . → Read More: Which Makes More Sense – Landlord’s Insurance or Homeowner’s Insurance?

The Truck Is Sold! When to Increase Your Risk for a Greater Reward


Well the truck is officially sold! For those of you that aren’t aware, back in September I purchased a 2001 GMC Sierra with the hopes of fixing it up and selling it for more than I paid for it. What I haven’t yet told you is the extreme risk I took with this truck purchase.

The Risks Involved in My Truck Flip

I first saw this truck advertised on Craigslist on a Saturday morning, September 27th. Based on my research, I knew that the going rate for this type of truck was about $6,000 and this ad showed this fabulous . . . → Read More: The Truck Is Sold! When to Increase Your Risk for a Greater Reward

Ways to Save Money

20110617 - money

Whether you are single or have a large family, there are ways that you can save money each month. A J.P. Morgan global wealth management course can be a first step in learning how to save money for an emergency, a car or home improvement.

One of the things that you can do with young children is to make saving money a game. They usually don’t know what it means to divide money into different funds like checking and savings. Teach children that they can save money for a special toy or for an item that they need like shoes . . . → Read More: Ways to Save Money

Wait 24 Hours Before You Buy

wait 24 hours

Have you ever scored a “deal” only to learn that you really didn’t get that great of a deal? If you use Groupon then this may have happened to you. This happened when I almost bought a 6-pack of Puma socks. Seeing that the socks were 75% off was hard to pass up but after a quick search on Amazon I learned that the socks were listed for the same price as the Groupon “deal” and there were other socks with higher ratings that were cheaper than the Puma socks!

Now don’t get me wrong; Groupon does have some great deals . . . → Read More: Wait 24 Hours Before You Buy

14 Cheap Business Ideas You Can Start Today

cheap business ideas

Have you ever thought about making some extra money on the side? If you have, I think that it’s a fantastic idea! Not only can you start a large number of businesses for less than $50, they can easily produce hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single month! Sure, they are going to take a little bit of effort on your part, but at such a cheap cost the only risk will be the time you put in. Take a look at the 14 cheap business ideas that I have come up with. Many of these cheap business ideas . . . → Read More: 14 Cheap Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Increase Your Income By Improving Your Marketing Tactics

marketing image

I absolutely suck at marketing. If I was in an interview and the hiring manager asked me to “sell them this pen” (if you have ever interviewed for a sales or manager’s job, you know what I’m talking about), I am quite certain that I would fail miserably. If you must know, it would probably go something like this:

“Well sir, it looks to me like…uhh…you are quite wealthy. *(Insert long pause here)* …And let me ask you something. When is the last time you used a pen that failed you?” (this is where they respond, “I actually don’t remember . . . → Read More: Increase Your Income By Improving Your Marketing Tactics

Where Is Your Net Worth?

where is your net worth

Have you ever had anyone ask you where your net worth is? I highly doubt it, but it is an incredibly important question! First of all, what is net worth anyway? And why should you be concerned with what makes up your net worth number? These are great questions and will all be addressed in this post!

How to Calculate Your Net Worth

This term is often thrown around, but very few people can actually tell you what their net worth is. Basically, your net worth is the total value of everything you own minus the debts you need to . . . → Read More: Where Is Your Net Worth?