October 2014
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How to Make Money Flipping Houses

flipping houses

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The following is a guest post from Mark Ferguson, a seasoned house flipping professional.

Making money flipping houses appears to be a straight forward process; buy a house cheap, make repairs and sell the house for a profit. I fix and flip 10-15 houses a year and that is basically how you make money flipping, but there are many details that will cause projects to either lose or make money. The tricky . . . → Read More: How to Make Money Flipping Houses

5 Ways to Throw Away Money

throw away money

Unless you’ve followed all the tips learned here at Life and My Finances and are ultra rich now, I’m going to assume you aren’t looking for ways to throw away money. If this is the case though, I’ll gladly volunteer myself to take it off your hands.

I’m a registered dietitian, so food is my language. I know a few tips and tricks about eating healthy and doing so on a budget. You may not even realize this, but it’s possible you’re throwing away $10-$20 a week into the garbage or your garbage disposal. If you’ve been trying to cut . . . → Read More: 5 Ways to Throw Away Money

Why You Are Poorer Than Your Parents

Rising Household Expenses

It is a known fact. Life today is more difficult than it was 40 years ago. But why? Why is it that our parents were able to get by on mediocre incomes and still have a sizable nest egg saved up for retirement? And now we, who have followed in their footsteps, are barely making it in this world? Are we spending more excessively? Were they just smarter than us? Or is it the general economy that’s holding us back? What is the answer?

Well, as you may have guessed, there is no single one answer as to why financial . . . → Read More: Why You Are Poorer Than Your Parents

A Few Major Differences Between Spenders and Savers

spenders and savers

Do you ever stop to think about the differences between spenders and savers? You might know if you are a natural saver or spender, but what does that really mean in terms of your shopping tendencies or for your long-term achievements? Since I am a natural saver, I tend to think that my way of living is the best way (but maybe my ego is just getting the best of me?), but if I truly stop to think about my future as a saver vs. my future as a spender, I would much rather be a saver.

By being a . . . → Read More: A Few Major Differences Between Spenders and Savers

The Brooks’ Story: How We Got Out of Debt, Saved, and Are Working Our Way Towards Financial Independence

Financial Independence

This post has been written by Sarah Brooks, a freelance writer fighting for financial independence within this world of materialism and consumption. Take a look at her awesome story below and her discoveries from her journey so far.

As a consumer living in America, we are surrounded by debt. Whether we’re adding to it, maintaining it or trying to claw our way out, debt is everywhere we turn. Debt is also a necessary evil—you have to have it in order to build your credit, but how much is too much?

When my now-husband and I met, the last thing we . . . → Read More: The Brooks’ Story: How We Got Out of Debt, Saved, and Are Working Our Way Towards Financial Independence

How to Save Money on Coffee, That Money Sucking Addiction

save money on coffee

Coffee isn’t just an indulgence for some people. It’s a vital part of the morning. No matter how tight your budget, if you’re a hardcore coffee addict, you can’t just give up that morning cup. But there are plenty of ways you can lower the price. Here are a few tips to save money on coffee.

#1: Drink Plain Coffee

We’ve all heard the “don’t buy lattes” cliche, which reminds us that a latte at Starbucks will cost $5 (or as much as $8 if you add a biscotti and a few other upsells). Repeat this habit daily, and you’re shelling . . . → Read More: How to Save Money on Coffee, That Money Sucking Addiction

How to Save Money on Utilities This Winter


My utility bills have been awesome this summer! For the most part, the summer days were mild and required very little work from my air conditioning unit, which translated into incredibly cheap utility bills. This winter, however, is likely to be a different story. In order to keep as much money in my pocket as possible this winter, I need to start taking action to seal up my house as best as I can, both to keep the cold out and the heat in.

This home efficiency stuff is easier said than done though, especially with my 70 year old . . . → Read More: How to Save Money on Utilities This Winter

Will You Welcome Luxury or Be Wealthy? The Choice Is Yours.

grow wealth

After continually researching and writing on this blog for the past four years, I have stumbled across quite a few money principles. A few months ago, after seeing my boss’s new Infiniti SUV, I discovered that with this one purchase alone she postponed her retirement by about 10 years and wasted almost a million dollars when considering the invested value of her money in the future. Beyond this, I have ingrained into my mind the discoveries of Dr. Thomas J. Stanley in his book, “The Millionaire Next Door“, that almost everyone that is truly wealthy does not live at or . . . → Read More: Will You Welcome Luxury or Be Wealthy? The Choice Is Yours.

How to Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket

police car

“Where on earth is that parking garage?” My head was spinning while driving through downtown Detroit. At that moment, I wanted desperately to be standing in Comerica Park, watching the Detroit Tigers taking batting practice instead of driving in circles looking for the apparent phantom parking garage that I remembered from years past. After 20 minutes of bumper-to-bumper traffic, I officially threw in the towel and decided to hunt for one of those crappy paved lots where you just hope and pray that someone doesn’t bust out your window during the game.

The Encounter

Through the construction I slowly took . . . → Read More: How to Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket

Score Deals at Estate Sales

estate sale

Have you ever been to an estate sale? Estate sales usually occur when a property owner passes and their belongings are liquidated. There are also living estate sales that occur when the property owners have moved due to a relocation circumstance (assisted living care, divorce, foreclosure, etc). Can you imagine having to walk through your home and put a price tag on every single item in sight? Sounds a little overwhelming, right? This is why a professional company is often brought in to organize the sale and they take a percentage of the revenue. Since the goal is to sell everything, . . . → Read More: Score Deals at Estate Sales