Top 5 Podcasts for Digging Out of Debt

Digging Out of Debt

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I’ll admit it, I was pretty late to the smartphone game. The first one I ever owned came in the mail just over a year ago. I was reluctant to use it, since I’m not the kind of person who gets excited about new technology. (Change is bad!)

But one thing I was excited about was the chance to listen to podcasts on the go. I only occasionally listened to them at the computer. Between pop up ad interruptions (I perpetually have at least 7 tabs open at once) and the demands of housework and children, I just couldn’t keep up with it.

But with my fancy cheap new phone, I could take a podcast with me anywhere! Whether I was doing . . . → Read More: Top 5 Podcasts for Digging Out of Debt

What’s Your Best Get Out of Debt Mobile?

get out of debt mobile

When most people hear the term, “silent killer”, they think about cancer or carbon monoxide poisoning. I think about car debt.

It seems like everyone is comfortable with a car loan these days. They give reasons like:

“I need to have a dependable car to hold onto my job” “One of our cars is fully paid for, so it’s okay to have a loan on the other one” “My car gives me confidence when I drive into work each day. Having a nice car improves my performance and my ability to get promoted.”

In reality, they’re all saying the same thing. And it’s:

“I’m insecure about myself and I’d rather go into debt for my car than buy a piece of crap that I’m going to get laughed at for.” The Curse of the Car Loan

We actually touched a little bit on this yesterday (“What is Your Net Worth, . . . → Read More: What’s Your Best Get Out of Debt Mobile?

What is Your Net Worth? And Which Way Is It Moving?

What is Your Net Worth

Did you realize that you could save up $500 every single month for a year, put it in a super-safe bank account, and still lose money when it comes to your overall net worth?

It took me quite a while to truly understand it, but cash in your bank account and your net worth dollars are two very different things.

What Is Your Net Worth?

So what is a net worth really? I’m sure you already know that wealthy people have a high net worth and poor people have a nearly non-existent net worth, but how is it really calculated? As opposed to many things in life, the net worth calculation is actually very simple.

Net worth = Assets – Liabilities

In other words….

Net Worth = What you own – What you owe

Here’s an example of a typical person’s net . . . → Read More: What is Your Net Worth? And Which Way Is It Moving?

Spendthrift, Contentment, or Miser? What’s Your Money Personality?

Money Personality

Someone’s wealth can easily be identified with their net worth. If your net worth is zero (or negative), then you are officially broke. If you have a net worth that’s $100,000 or thereabouts, you’re pretty average. And if your net worth exceeds $2 million, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re wealthy. But this doesn’t necessarily say anything about your money personality now does it?

What’s Your Money Personality?

So what’s the difference between a current state of wealth and a money personality? Won’t the wealthy simply have a saver personality and the broke have a spending personality? You’d think so, but not necessarily.

1) Spendthrift

Spendthrift def. = a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.

The ‘spendthrift’ money personality gets a charge out of spending money. They see the item in the store and their adrenaline starts pumping, their eyes get big, . . . → Read More: Spendthrift, Contentment, or Miser? What’s Your Money Personality?

The Best Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

best staycation ideas for Spring Break

While many people try to travel during spring break, it may not be budget friendly or feasible for you at the moment. But what if you stay home and still have fun and relax? These staycation ideas for spring break will keep you from getting cabin fever, and will also save you a ton of money!

This post has been written by the ever-talented Kimberly Studdard. Enjoy!

Camp In Your Backyard

Camping in your backyard is one of the best staycation ideas for spring break! Not only is it easy to do, but it’s customizable to fit your needs (or your family’s). You can do as little or as much planning as you want, and you can even get away with spending nothing for this staycation!

If you want to get fancy, pitch a tent, get lots of camp type foods (like s’mores and hot dogs!) and make sure . . . → Read More: The Best Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

5 Steps to Handle a Sudden Windfall of Cash

windfall of cash

Most people won’t even open this post. Most will never even read the first line. You know why? They’ve got a destructive attitude that just continues to beat them down…and down…and down.

They say things like, “Nothing good ever happens to me,” and “My parents are broke, so I’ll never receive a windfall of cash.”

Just like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for…

If you think money will never come your way, it won’t. BUT, if you leave that possibility open and actually plan for a windfall of cash, then you know what? It just might happen. AND, if you plan for the money, then it won’t accidentally get pissed away within the first few months that you get your hands on it.

5 Steps to Handle a Sudden Windfall of Cash

A sudden windfall of cash can be a curse or a blessing. It all . . . → Read More: 5 Steps to Handle a Sudden Windfall of Cash

One Profound Tip to Survive in High Rent Areas

survive in high rent areas

Do you live in New York? Boston? San Francisco? Maybe Miami? If you live in a high cost-of-living area, getting by can seem tough, let alone paying down debt or getting ahead financially (like I always harp on you to do).

If you’re struggling to pay the rent and can’t possibly comprehend saving money at the end of each month, maybe it’s time to take a different approach.

How to Survive in High Rent Areas

What if, instead of living in a miniature 350 square foot, one bedroom apartment, you rented a bigger place and shared it with a few other folks?

I know, I know. At first it doesn’t sound ideal at all, but what if I told you that you could save nearly a thousand bucks a month on rent? Do you realize the impact that this could have on your debt snowball? It’s at least worth taking . . . → Read More: One Profound Tip to Survive in High Rent Areas

18 Tips to Get Rich (From Actual Millionaires!)

Tips to Get Rich


They drive through their gated communities on golf carts, give fake smiles to everyone they see and wave that silly open-fingered punch as if they’re giving a high-five to your forehead. They dine at the local country club and eat only in miniature because that’s the classy thing to do. Never would you catch them in your local grocery store or gas station. They’ve got servants for that kind of thing.

Ummm…. I don’t know how to break this to you, but the above paragraph is absolutely false (and is only relevant in 3-star movies or less).

In the real world, millionaires walk among us each and every day. In fact, there are 10.4 million millionaires in the United States today, which means that if you see 300 people a day, 10 of them are millionaires….And I bet you couldn’t pick them out either.

18 Tips to Get Rich . . . → Read More: 18 Tips to Get Rich (From Actual Millionaires!)

How I’m Saving $2,400 a Year on Healthcare Costs

healthcare costs

As a self-employed individual, one of the questions I get asked the most is what I do about healthcare costs.

At first, I got lucky. The Affordable Care Act went into effect before I turned 26, so I was covered under my father’s plan for almost a year. Then, things got more complicated.

This post was written by Amanda Abella, a talented speaker and writer of personal finance.

How I’m Saving $2,400 a Year on Healthcare Costs

Over the course of the next three years, I would try different ACA plans to manage my healthcare costs. Then, at the end of 2016 I ended up at the urgent care and decided the ACA plans weren’t worth the headaches.

Here’s a rundown of all the headaches in 2016: My premiums for 2017 would have been in the $350 a month range for a Silver plan with a $6000+ deductible. At this . . . → Read More: How I’m Saving $2,400 a Year on Healthcare Costs

Self Talk of the Rich vs. the Poor

self talk of the rich vs the poor

According to Psychology Today,, and many other reputable sites across the world wide web, self talk is more than just a confidence booster. It’s more like an internal remodeling. And it can absolutely have a positive or negative affect on your health, your intelligence, and from what I’ve seen….your finances.

Self Talk of the Rich vs. the Poor

I can already hear the hate mails coming my way…

“The poor can’t help their situation. Stop being ignorant.” “You think the key to wealth is simply through self-talk? That’s fricken ridiculous…” “You privileged white male… You have no idea.”


If you don’t think it’s possible for someone to rise from the ashes of poverty, then you must have had your head in the sand for the last hundred years.

It happens every day, and it starts with self talk.

Without proper self-talk, the poor will stay poor and the . . . → Read More: Self Talk of the Rich vs. the Poor