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How I Made $25,000 Just By Freelance Writing

freelance writing

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This guest post is writing by Ben Luthi, the beloved originator of the Wealth Gospel. Ben currently works in the corporate world, but has dreams of ditching the corporate grind for a life of freelance writing. Enjoy the read below to see how his journey has gone thus far.

Writing has always been a love of mine, even though I’ve never felt like I was good at it. I wrote a lot . . . → Read More: How I Made $25,000 Just By Freelance Writing

Want to Save Money on Groceries? Track Unit Pricing

save money on groceries

I’ve shared before that I’m a list maker; I keep a running list of groceries (on my Notepad app) that need replenishment in order to avoid spontaneous purchases. The thing is… lots of people keep a grocery list; that’s not anything new. If you want to take saving money on groceries to the next level, try this tip: Track unit prices to save money on groceries.

Save Money on Groceries: Track Unit Pricing

Keep a list of unit prices for products you frequently purchase. Simply looking at unit prices won’t help you save money on groceries unless you know what . . . → Read More: Want to Save Money on Groceries? Track Unit Pricing

4 Tips to Finding a Rental in Today’s Market


Anyone living in a bustling metro can attest to rapidly rising rents. Strong demand and inflated pricing is disadvantageous to leaseholders in populated cities. For instance, to afford the median rent in Boston lessees must earn at least $50 per hour – assuming they avoid spending more than 30 percent of pre-tax income, and they take two weeks unpaid vacation each year. Of course, many renters in Boston opt to pay the median rent without a $50 per hour paycheck. Leaseholders likely struggle to pay down debts, save for future home purchases or afford their desired lifestyles when renting at . . . → Read More: 4 Tips to Finding a Rental in Today’s Market

Free Stuff at the Library That You Never Knew Existed

free stuff at the library

I remember going to the library when I was a little kid, and guess what I went there for? Umm, yeah, books, because that’s all they had! Today, things are very different at the library. The card catalog days are long gone (am I old enough to start aging myself with comments? That’s depressing). To find an item’s location today, you simply run a search through one of their many computers.

When you check something out at the library, they definitely don’t stamp those little cards in the books anymore (sheesh…I think I AM old). Nope. When I check out . . . → Read More: Free Stuff at the Library That You Never Knew Existed

Weekly Round-Up and Goals Update #4

20150125 - monthly twitter followers

I scour the internet for amazing articles each week to increase my personal finance education and also to increase my inspiration for writing new, thought-provoking articles for you, the reader! Some blog posts are just too perfect to one-up, so I figured I should just share them with you! Take a look at the top five articles I read last week.

Top 5 Articles of the Week

Hope you enjoy them! Oh, and be sure to keep reading below to see the progress that I’m making on my goals so far this year. Month one is almost over already, AHHH!!

. . . → Read More: Weekly Round-Up and Goals Update #4

Issues With Password Security: It Could Cost You

20120310 - rent an office

The average computer user has to log in to several systems on a daily basis. This includes work computers, social networking site, shopping sites, and personal cloud servers, just to name a few. Unless the passwords are assigned, it’s highly likely that most of the passwords users create aren’t particularly unique, and they also repeat.

For example, someone might use a date milestone, such as a birthday or anniversary, as his password for all of his work logins instead of using a separate password for each. He might even go so far as to use that same password outside of . . . → Read More: Issues With Password Security: It Could Cost You

How a Tiny Habit Can Change Your Whole Life

tiny habit

This post has been written by my buddy, Joshua. We first met in grad school and soon realized that we both want more out of life than a simple job and a 401(k). I moonlight with this site, and he with real estate. In this new year, he wanted to be sure to learn and grow, and what better way than to write? This is the result of one of his growth explorations. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Have you ever sat and wondered why some people are much better off in certain aspects of . . . → Read More: How a Tiny Habit Can Change Your Whole Life

How to Take Charge of Your Life With an Advanced Degree

advanced degree

When people think of going to grad school, they often follow a single logical track—how much will it cost and will I earn more than I spent because of it?

This, to say the least, is a narrow perspective on the tremendous benefits of improving your level of education. Fiscal reasons are only one out of many forms of motivation.

Considering getting an advanced degree for fiscal reasons alone is as absurd as saying that Kareem Abdul Jabbar only played 20 seasons for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers because it earned more than a corporate job. Surely, . . . → Read More: How to Take Charge of Your Life With an Advanced Degree

5 Things I’m Doing to Build Wealth Today

build wealth

This is a guest post written by Liz Crest from After you’re done with this article (and Like and Tweet it of course), I encourage you to head over to her site and have a look around. She’s got some great stuff there!

It only took a year of working a full-time job after graduating from college to realize that I didn’t want to work forever. It felt great to earn money, but the daily grind is exhausting. I wanted freedom and started to really think about retirement. As a result, I became much more interested in personal finance. . . . → Read More: 5 Things I’m Doing to Build Wealth Today

The Financial Benefits of Understanding Employment Law

employment law

Every penny is a prisoner for small business owners. From reducing energy usage and finding cheaper premises to buying second-hand office furniture and slashing travel expenses, you’ve done it all in a bid to improve your company’s bottom line …

… but an amateur understanding of employment law can quickly scupper your best laid plans.

Employment law covers the relationship between you and your employees, and is designed to protect your workforce AND your organisation by outlining the legal parameters. The often complex nature of employment law, however, can leave some business owners gnashing their teeth and shaking their fists . . . → Read More: The Financial Benefits of Understanding Employment Law