After Christmas Sales: Are You Going Out to Find a Deal?

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas. My wife and I sure did. We hosted the party for her side of the family this year and it was a blast! My wife made the ham, stuffing, corn, potatoes, a vegetable stir fry, desserts, punch, the whole works! On top of that, her sister also helped out with some main dishes and treats of her own. We definitely had a full meal with great company.

The Day After Christmas: The Bad

This morning I dragged myself out of bed and strolled downstairs to begin this very article, and I discovered that there is a LOT of cleaning up to do. The carnage of opened presents, the dirty dishes, and the gifts that were given to Dar and I: cleaning up this mess will occupy much of our morning I’m sure.

What’s your house looking like today? Perhaps you had a party elsewhere, so your house is still spotless, but for others of you, I think you feel my pain. That Christmas tornado landed in your neighborhood as well, and this morning, you are assessing the damages. No worries, it will be over soon.

The Day After Christmas: The Good

Sometimes better than Black Friday, the day after Christmasย often yields some of the biggest sales of the year.

The pricing on Christmas items get slashed for sure: Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, lighting, wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and the list goes on. If you know that you’ll need these things next year, then today is the day to head out and make a purchase while they’re marked at 75% off or more.ย Don’t miss out!

Also, many retail stores are beginning to think about making space for their spring products, and since we’ve had an unusually warm winter, many of the coats, hats, gloves, and scarves, are still hanging on the rack!

This might be my main mission today. I am in desperate need of a winter coat. Since my wife and I moved from Florida in late February, I was able to get by without one earlier this year, but now my dress coat and spring jacket just aren’t going to cut it. And, since many of the stores are trying desperately to get rid of their coats, I think it might be prime time to snatch one up today for a deeply discounted price!

Are you thinking the same way as me today? Are you looking for a deal?


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