Let’s Focus on Passive Income

As many of you know, I’ve been reporting my income for a little over a year now. When I started sharing my earnings with you, I was only making about $20 a month, but lately my earnings have been exceeding $3,000 each month! It’s been a crazy ride and I’m honestly not sure how I pulled it off, but I sure am glad that I took that first step and started blogging.

While I know that many of you have enjoyed my income reports, it’s time to shift the focus here at Life And My Finances. Rather than share every single dollar that flows into my account through my many sites, I’m going to share with you only the affiliate/passive income that is earned. I’m shifting my focus for a couple of reasons:

  1. Sustainability – when I make one time deals with advertisers to put a banner on my site, my income soars for the month; however, if I don’t make a similar deal the next month, my income could be $0.00. By focusing on affiliate sales or “passive income”, my earnings should be more steady from month to month.
  2. Aligns with my Overall Goals – what would you think the main goal is for this site? For me, I’d say GROWTH! I’d love to see a continued growth in visitor numbers and subscribers. This means that my site would be doing what it’s been meant to do – helping others take control of their finances. My goal is not to contact a bunch of advertisers and litter my homepage for a few bucks. By shifting my focus, my earnings will come as a result of helping more people ditch their debt and invest in their future.
  3. People Can’t Handle My Income – when my earnings report showed an income of less than $1,000, people thought it was pretty cool and were amazed that someone could earn more than $5 online each month. It was fun. But, now that my latest incomes have been well over $1,000, people are beginning to show their ugly side. Recent attacks against my site have forced me to think differently about how transparent I am with my income.

Do You Really Want to Know?

I understand that some of you may be bummed out right now, but quite honestly, I think this form of income reporting will be so much more beneficial to the site. I bet my visitor numbers will begin to soar and the overall experience of the site will be 10 times better.

Having said that though, if you are still interested in my complete earnings report and have developed a relationship with me, I will be 100% transparent about my income, especially if it will help you succeed with ventures of your own. Just contact me by email and we can chat.

My First Affiliate/Passive Income Report

So why not start right now with the reporting? I think now is a great time to get this ball rolling!

March Income

  • iPage Affiliate Sales: $105
  • HostGator Affiliate Sales: $50
  • Adsense Income: $69.88
  • Total: 224.88

To be completely honest, I don’t think this income is too shabby. I put absolutely no effort toward making these sales; I just wrote a few quality articles, attracted a few eyeballs, and the sales took care of themselves! I could get used to this kind of income! 🙂

What do you think of my shift in focus? Do you think it’s a good move?

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