Save Money while Cutting Calories

If you are one of many with a New Year resolution to slim down your waist or your spending, I’ll show you how to kill two birds with one stone. Everywhere you turn there will be food products with labels shouting for your attention with misleading nutrition claims. Save your money and eat REAL food. By making these easy and cheap substitutions, you’ll be saving calories AND money at the same time!

Use a measuring cup

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to overestimate serving sizes. Let’s say you eat oatmeal every day. Purchase a canister of plain quick oats and keep a ½ cup measuring cup near by for a quick scoop and the cost comes out to roughly $0.08 per serving. You can add your own toppings (cinnamon, nuts, raisins, teaspoon of nut butter, fresh fruit, etc) for a few cents more. Compare that price per serving to the flavored instant packets at $0.81 per ½ cup serving (two packets). By making a simple switch like this you’ll be cutting out excess sugar and sodium and save a whopping $255.50 per year!

Add Beans

If you substituted one pound of cooked canned beans at $1 per 15-oz can (look for “no salt added” on the label) for one pound of meat at $3.99 per pound once a week, you’d save $155.50 per year. There are plenty of recipes you can do this with- chili, meatloaf, lasagna, tacos, soup, and the list goes on. This little change will save you calories, cut saturated fat, and give you an extra boost of fiber! Beans, beans, the magical fruit…

Breakfast at dinner

Breakfast is one of the cheapest meals of the day. Let’s re-use the price of $3.99/pound for meat and swap two ounces of meat for two eggs ($0.13 per egg) to get an equal protein exchange. If you did this twice a week, the total savings would be around $25 per year. Not much, but a little here and there can add up. If you’re worried about the cholesterol in eggs, don’t. It sounds backwards, but the dietary cholesterol in eggs won’t raise your blood cholesterol and the yolk is where a lot of the nutrients are found.

Reusable water bottle

If you purchased one bottle of water (or pop) per day and it cost $1, you would save $345 by switching to a reusable water bottle and drinking only water. That’s even assuming you splurged $20 for a nice CamelBak water bottle. If you made the switch to water from a daily bottle of regular pop with 240 calories, you could drop 25 pounds in a year!!!

Total savings per year by making these four changes: $781

What would you do with an extra $781 per year???


What simple substitutions do you use to save calories and money?

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