31 Date Ideas for $5 or Less


Some people naturally assume that if you’re living on a tight budget, you can’t have any fun. This is totally ludicrous! Having fun isn’t about how much you spend, it’s about your experiences together and making memories! There are so many date ideas for $5 or less. By just thinking for a few minutes, I was able to come up with 31, one date option for every day of the month.

#1. A walk through the local park – You drive past the park all the time, but when is the last time you took your shoes off and walked through the grass barefoot? Do it. You’ll like it.

#2. A walk downtown – If you have a nice downtown area, take a walk and enjoy it! Do some window shopping, but be sure to leave your money at home.

#3. Get some coffees at the coffee shop (not lattes or fraps obviously) – This is always a great idea, and it can be pretty cheap when you start ordering regular coffee.

#4. Get some sun on the beach – A beach outing is absolutely free and can be incredibly enjoyable.

#5. Buy a $5 pizza and take it to a local park or beach to eat – Yeah, so the total will actually come to $5.30, but that’s still a pretty cheap date!

#6. Share a footlong sub at Subway – Same story as the pizza, but this is a pretty healthy meal and can double as a date at the same time.

#7. Go for a bike ride – Take an adventure on your bike! It’s always fun to see where it can take you.

#8. Rent a $1 Redbox movie and watch it at home (you can even pop some popcorn) – Cheap cheap cheap!

#9. Make a campfire in your backyard (and listen to a local sporting event) – Gather up those sticks in your yard and light em up! Be sure to keep the fire contained though… your neighbors will appreciate that.

#10. Host a get together – perhaps a game night? – It doesn’t cost too much to have some people over and feed them a few snacks while you play games that you already own.

#11. Play cards – Make this a rainy day activity (euchre is my favorite – oh, and hand and foot)

#12. Put together a puzzle – You my think this is an old person activity, but my girlfriend and I really enjoy putting puzzles together!

#13. Go thrift store hunting – This is incredibly fun! Even if you don’t find anything that you need to buy, you will likely run into some pretty interesting stuff.

#14. Go hiking – This is great for exercise and it’s quite fun to explore the area. Try it. You’ll like it.

#15. Play tennis – Anyone can play tennis. You don’t have to be good. Just be sure to have fun. 🙂

#16. Play catch or frisbee – This is a great activity to get you a little bit active and to have a chat with your special someone.

#17. Go camping for a night – If you have the equipment, you can do some rustic camping for only $5 at quite a few state parks.

#18. Have some fun bowling – $5 won’t get you a ton, but on weekdays you can likely go for $2.50 a game, allowing you each to play one.

#19. Catch some fish! – If you already have your license then why not? It’s free! And, if you catch a big one you can fillet it and save money on groceries.

#20. Watch some clouds – You might roll your eyes at this, but this can be a great opportunity to slow down your life and enjoy your surroundings. Just try it, you might like it.

#21. Star gazing – If you live in a rural area, star gazing can be amazing. Take note of the beauty around you by looking up at the stars.

#22. Have dinner at Arby’s – I really like Arby’s. The food is good and you can each get a sandwich for less than $5.

#23. Grab some ice cream – Head out and enjoy some ice cream. You can easily buy two cones for less than five dollars.

#24. Exercise in your home – Sometimes an exercise DVD can be fun, plus you’ll both feel good about yourselves because of the exercise.

#25. Drive into a movie – Do you still have a drive-in movie in your area? If so, I bet you can get in there for $3 or so.

#26. Give each other massages – Afterwards you’ll feel relaxed and you will have spent no money!

#27. Cook together – Instead of getting stressed out about making dinner, why not do it together and make it a fun activity?

#28. Go to the Dollar Tree and buy two items each for your significant other – Don’t let your spouse see what you bought and exchange the items that you bought for one another later in the day. This is a fun thing to do and is obviously not very expensive.

#29. Read the same book and talk about it – This doesn’t have to be a relationship book, although that might not be a bad idea.

#30. Watch the sunset – This is definitely romantic if you can find the right spot!

#31. Take a country drive – Take a drive and enjoy the views and the scenery. And most importantly, enjoy your hunny! 🙂

Which activity is your favorite?

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