How to Flip a House: From the Search to Sold!!

flip a house

Have you ever thought about flipping houses for some extra income? The people on TV make it look pretty easy, but is it really a viable means to making some additional dollars? Personally, it was never in our plans, but my sister and brother-in-law have made it a speedy reality. Less than three years ago, they bought their first flip house, earned more than $35,000, and have gone crazy with four more flip houses since!

In this post, written by my sis from, they’ll teach you:

How to find cheap houses How to calculate the offer The best ways to renovate on a budget How to sell it for HUGE profits!

If you want to flip a house for some extra income, there’s nowhere better to find the information you need than right here. Enjoy!

How to Flip a House: From the Search to Sold!!

Why do we . . . → Read More: How to Flip a House: From the Search to Sold!!

How I Flipped a Car in Just 2 Weeks!!

flip a car

Two weeks ago, I pulled into a guy’s driveway to check out a ridiculously cheap, $1,200 Honda Civic with the intent of cleaning it up and flipping it. But….I quickly found out why it was ridiculously cheap:

the headliner was missing the front bumper was black (the rest of the car was green) the hood latch was broken there was a hubcap missing and it idled so rough I thought the engine might jump right out of the car!

I had made up my mind NOT to buy the car because there was just too much risk there to try to flip it. So, I told him straight up, “Sorry man, the interior’s ugly, the hood is about to fly off the car, and the engine is WAY too rough for my comfort. At this point, my offer would be far lower than you’d accept.”

“Well make me an offer.” . . . → Read More: How I Flipped a Car in Just 2 Weeks!!

Retire With $3 Million by Age 52??? ESI Money Did It.

Retire with $3 million

When someone does something absolutely extraordinary, I can’t help but stop and ask them, “How the heck did you do that??? (and where do I sign up?)” (Like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who earned nearly a million bucks just by blogging last year! Holy crepe suzette!!).

…And then enters ESI Money, a man that retired at the age of 52 with over $3 million…. Yeah…I’d like to talk to this guy too!

So naturally I asked if I could interview him, and again (to my surprise), he said “Absolutely!”. So here we go. Let’s figure out how to be multi-millionaires together.

Retire With $3 Million by Age 52 – ESI Money Did It

Enter ESI Money (he likes to keep his identity private with this chunk of change, and I don’t blame him!!) – he’s a normal looking guy with a wife and two kids starting college this fall. He went to . . . → Read More: Retire With $3 Million by Age 52??? ESI Money Did It.

4 Solid Benefits of Dog Walking Through

benefits of dog walking

Ideally, generating side income should be simple, straightforward, and fun. In reality, many part-time gigs drain your time and energy more than you’d expect. That’s why using an existing infrastructure to find work can be a great solution. The gig economy is making flexible, lucrative work more and more accessible. is a perfect example.

4 Solid Benefits of Dog Walking through

The site offers pet care services, focused specifically on pet-sitting provided by local dog lovers. When you sign up on, you can select the services you want to provide. Becoming a dog walker on the site is an easy way to start generating money immediately, while doing enjoyable work. There are many benefits to becoming a Rover dog-walker.

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

Be Your Own Boss

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Publish a Book or Create an Online Course? What Should I Do?

publish a book or create and online course

I’ve got a dilemma.

A few weeks ago, a publisher reached out to me and asked if I would like to write and publish a book with them! To be honest, I was quite taken back by the proposal.

Was my story really exciting enough to write a book about? Would it sell so many copies that I wouldn’t have to work again? Would I become one of those famous writers that traveled the world giving speeches and receiving honors? Publish a Book or Create an Online Course?

Okay, so clearly I was becoming delusional and my ego was running out of control… I needed to step back and take an honest look at what it would take, what the benefits might be (the realistic ones, not the made up dreams that circle my head once in a while), and if there were any better alternatives.

In this post, I’d . . . → Read More: Publish a Book or Create an Online Course? What Should I Do?

Sell My Site For $60,000???

sell my site

An unexpected event happened the other day… An agency reached out to me via email, saying they were interested in buying my site.

Their questions were simple.

How much does your site earn per month? What would you be willing to let it go for?

I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had these emails before and they usually turn into a $5,000 offer, which is just plain ridiculous.

Within a day or two, I casually responded that my site earns between $1,000 and $1,500 a month (anyone can see this by the way – just check out my income reports), but that I was still working to better monetize it (this has never really been a strong point of mine).

Since I absolutely love this site and consider it part of my long-term career plan, I set the bar high:

“For me to even consider selling, I’d . . . → Read More: Sell My Site For $60,000???

Michelle Made Almost $1 Million Blogging Last Year…So I Asked Her a Few Questions… ;)


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has earned more money in just a few years than most people do in their lifetime. And that’s not even the most amazing part. She didn’t earn this pile of money by becoming a doctor or lawyer. She did it by blogging….!

I aspire to do the same – and many of my readers do as well – so why not ask one of the most amazing bloggers of all time a few questions about how she did it??

If you don’t have a blog yet, but are inspired to start – check out my page, “How to Start a WordPress Blog on iPage for Just $24“.

For those of you that already have a blog – read on, learn, and dream!

* * * * *

Michelle, last year you earned $979,321 with your blog Holy crap! But, before we get into that, I . . . → Read More: Michelle Made Almost $1 Million Blogging Last Year…So I Asked Her a Few Questions… 😉

What’s Your Spare Time Actually Worth?? It’s Time to Quantify It!!

spare time actually worth

“Hhhgggrrr,” I grunted as I attempted to fit one more curl into my set. My face was red, I was out of breath, and to be completely honest, I was even a little dizzy… Of course it was at that moment (why is it that opportunities always come when you’re visibly at your worst??) that a guy behind me wanted to get chatty, “So what is it you’re training for?”

Somewhat embarrassed, I basically told him, “Nothing” (I’m just crazy enough to work out for the sake of working out), and then we got into the small-talk conversations…our names, ages, where we work, etc.

He was a financial advisor and was obviously well-off. After learning about my passions and my work, it was pretty evident that he thought I should be the same.

“You’re old enough, you can look people in the eye when you talk with them, and you . . . → Read More: What’s Your Spare Time Actually Worth?? It’s Time to Quantify It!!

Rental Properties – Are They a Curse or a Blessing?

are rental properties a smart investment

“You’re going to buy a rental property??” …my broke friend exclaimed. “I had a buddy that tried that… The tenants didn’t pay the rent, they trashed the home completely, and he lost tens of thousands of dollars. You won’t see me buying a rental property any time soon.”

More often than not, this was what I heard from people when I let them in on my investment plans a few years back. It wasn’t very encouraging to say the least…and it honestly took some of the air out of my sail for a while…

Are Rental Properties a Smart Investment?

Ignoring all of the “wise advice” from my friends and neighbors, I went ahead and bought a rental place anyway.

So what’s the verdict? Has land-lording been a complete nightmare? Has my rental house been burned to the ground? Or are all of my friends just complete idiots that knew . . . → Read More: Rental Properties – Are They a Curse or a Blessing?

6 Things I Did to Start Earning Money With My Blog

earn money with your blog

I started this blog on a whim back in August of 2010. After just 8 months of part-time work on the site, I was earning $500 a month. Then, to my complete surprise, my income started jumping – up to $3,800 a month in early 2012! I definitely made a few mistakes with my site over the years, but I’ve also done a ton of things right. Today, I’m going to teach you about all the good stuff that propelled me to where I am today:

with 50,000+ visitors a month 1,850 subscribers 6,000+ social media followers Over $100,000 earned via this website

Want to start earning money with your blog? Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way.

How to Start Earning Money With Your Blog

At this point, I assume you’ve already got your blog up and running (if not, check out my “Start Your Own . . . → Read More: 6 Things I Did to Start Earning Money With My Blog