Why Are We So Afraid of Money?

afraid of money

The internet is full of taboos. It is our place of recluse where we can be our true selves by reading and discussing all the things we wish we could in our real lives. Safe behind a colorful avatar, we feel comfortable to discuss our love for My Little Pony.

All of us do it, but the funny thing is you’re probably not even aware you are doing it at this very moment.

In fact, you are actually participating in the single largest taboo our society has……


This post has been written by guest writer, Brandon Carey of 30and0.com

Why Are We So Afraid of Money?

Money is the thing that we all crave, but no one is comfortable discussing it openly and honestly. Imagine you meet someone tomorrow and during your awkward handshake they look you in the eye and say “How much money do you make?”

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