How to Host a Cheap Summer Party for Less Than $150

cheap summer party

Summer brings the heat, pools, and barbecue’s, but it also brings the parties! With 4th of July, back to school sales, and lots of other fun days, a cheap summer party is a great way to get everyone together before summer ends. But how do you throw a party for less than $150?

This post was written by the ever-talented Kimberly Studdard.

Keep Invites Minimal

This pertains to both the invites themselves, and who you choose to invite to the party. Are you friends on Facebook with all of the people you want to invite? Create an event and invite them virtually. Can your kids text their friends or invite them by word of mouth? Have them do so! Don’t spend extra money on your cheap summer party if you don’t need to.

If you still want to send an actual invite, that’s okay! Try delivering them by hand . . . → Read More: How to Host a Cheap Summer Party for Less Than $150