10 Cheapskate Tactics That Will Save You Money

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Are you looking to save yourself some more money each month? For many of us, money is tight, so certainly we’d like to save a few dollars whenever we can! Since I have been trying to pay off some big debts this past year, I have explored many cheapskate options. Some of them were a little too extreme for me (like rummaging through old food outside of restaurants or checking pay phones for change), but here are some that I have actually tried and enjoyed. I hope you like them as well!

1. Buy Used Furniture

New furniture can be extremely expensive these days. A simple dresser from IKEA can even cost you $400. If you want a solid wood dresser like the days of old, you could be paying over $1,000! Unless….you can find a used one. As many families are updating their home furnishings, these solid wood pieces . . . → Read More: 10 Cheapskate Tactics That Will Save You Money