How (and Why) to Climb the Corporate Ladder Instead of Retiring Extremely Early

climb the corporate ladder

Retiring extremely early — it’s all you hear about today…

“How so-and-so retired at age 30” “What it’s like to travel the world and earn $1M while doing it” “How to work for 7 years and retire for 70”

Man, talk about some great click-bait article titles! I should really use these for myself in the future… Anyway…back on track here. We’re all in awe of people that can retire extremely early. Their Airstream, their hipster look, and their memorable experiences — all without the need for a job?? Sign me up, right?

Not so fast.

Just because Johnny jumps off a cliff, does that mean you should do it too? What’s best for one person might actually make you miserable. Case in point: I’m 6’8″… Living in a tiny Airstream every day would suck. So before you start lusting after an extremely early retirement, you’ve really got to ask . . . → Read More: How (and Why) to Climb the Corporate Ladder Instead of Retiring Extremely Early

My Plan to Climb the Corporate Ladder


Have you made any effort to climb the corporate ladder at your work? Do you feel like you have a solid plan to do it, or are you just working blindly without direction? I can’t honestly tell you that I had a plan a couple of years ago, but for the past few months, I have definitely been focusing on the climb, and I feel like I’m already eyeballing the top of the ladder!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a few weeks, you know that I’m really an entreprenuer at heart. I love to create wealth where no one else sees potential, and I enjoy being able to increase my earnings without years of effort (did you know I made $3,842 online in the month of February?)! However, I simply can’t ignore the tremendous opportunity at my place of employment.

Baby Boomers Are Everywhere!

My first day . . . → Read More: My Plan to Climb the Corporate Ladder