Egg Freezing: Will It Help Your Career?

will egg freezing help your career

Women of earlier generations were under the belief that they couldn’t have it all. Only two options exist: a career or a family. If she chose to have a career, she would have to leave any dreams of having a family behind, and vice versa. However, it is most definitely possible for women to pursue both a career and a family in today’s society through egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation. The only question is, will egg freezing help your career?

Will Egg Freezing Help Your Career?

Today, career women who’d like start a family someday have the option of harvesting and freezing their eggs for future use. The number of women freezing their eggs is growing at an ever increasing rate. Here are some of the reasons why egg freezing may or may not be worth the expense.

Why Egg Freezing Is Worth The Expense 1) Affords You Time to Reach Your Maximize Earning Potential

It takes years to work oneself up the corporate ladder, and if you have children it can take even longer. Many women feel pressure to conceive strictly because they recognize their internal biological clocks are . . . → Read More: Egg Freezing: Will It Help Your Career?