How I Flipped a Car in Just 2 Weeks!!

flip a car

Two weeks ago, I pulled into a guy’s driveway to check out a ridiculously cheap, $1,200 Honda Civic with the intent of cleaning it up and flipping it. But….I quickly found out why it was ridiculously cheap:

the headliner was missing the front bumper was black (the rest of the car was green) the hood latch was broken there was a hubcap missing and it idled so rough I thought the engine might jump right out of the car!

I had made up my mind NOT to buy the car because there was just too much risk there to try to flip it. So, I told him straight up, “Sorry man, the interior’s ugly, the hood is about to fly off the car, and the engine is WAY too rough for my comfort. At this point, my offer would be far lower than you’d accept.”

“Well make me an offer.” . . . → Read More: How I Flipped a Car in Just 2 Weeks!!