How Much Should You Spend On That??

How much of your income should go toward your mortgage payment? How much for food? What about your car? Everyone has a different opinion, but what are the wise numbers? How much should you spend on that??

Nobody wants to barely scrape by each month and end up with very little in retirement, so let’s dig into these numbers and figure out what amounts are best for you!

How Much Should You Spend on That?

The single biggest purchase for nearly everyone in America is……that’s right, a house. We all start out our lives living in a crummy apartment, dreaming of home ownership. After a couple years at a full-time job, we decide to take the plunge and head to the bank to see how much house we can afford (which is typically our first HUGE mistake in life…).

The bank tells us that our mortgage loan can be 28% . . . → Read More: How Much Should You Spend On That??