How I Made $1,040.15 With This Blog in July 2017

blog income report july 2017

Welcome to my July 2017 blog income report, where I share in exact detail how much I earned with this website and how I did it!

Some of you may be wondering, “Why in the heck would you share your income? Isn’t this personal? Doesn’t that feel weird?”

It’s true, we’re all taught to never talk about money and we’ve certainly been advised to never disclose our personal income! But, I’ve got thousands of reasons for doing it, and right now, you’re one of those reasons… I write these posts to help you, my readers!

Boost Your Income, Get Out of Debt, Become Wealthy

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My motto here at this site has always been, ‘Get out of debt, save money, and be rich.’ There are millions of people out there struggling with their finances right now. They’ve got debt and THEY WANT OUT. But they’re not . . . → Read More: How I Made $1,040.15 With This Blog in July 2017