5 Things I Learned While Paying Off My Mortgage

paying off my mortgage

Last year I spent every waking moment thinking about paying off my mortgage. “How am I going to pay this off by the end of the year? How can I save more money? How can I earn more money?” At times, it was probably unhealthy, but I learned a ton during that 2014 year, both about myself and about others. Here is a compilation of everything that I now realize after paying off my mortgage.

1) You Will Relate to NO ONE

In that first month I was extremely excited to do everything possible to succeed in paying off my mortgage. I knew it was unconventional, so I tried not to tell too many people, but I just couldn’t help it! I still remember the first guy that I told. I was at work and we were having a conversation around personal finance and debt – that’s when I let . . . → Read More: 5 Things I Learned While Paying Off My Mortgage