How Becoming Debt-Free at 25 Changed My Life

I first learned about using “debt as a tool” in my job at a bank, but there were some major pot holes in my new “road to success.” I used things like credit cards and car loans to “get ahead” and establish my credit. Sounds pretty normal, right? The problem was, I didn’t do anything else. Using debt trumped the importance of saving for emergencies, budgeting my monthly expenses, investing while I was young, and spending less than I made each month. Becoming debt-free was not on my radar. How did things go for me? Well, I spent the first half of my twenties working hard with very little to show for it. I had no budget, no long-term plan, no debt-free plan, almost no savings, and a glowing credit report. I was missing some MAJOR pieces to a healthy financial foundation (basically all of them) and headed for disaster. . . . → Read More: How Becoming Debt-Free at 25 Changed My Life

12 Inexpensive Ways to Financially Make Someone’s Day

save for your child's retirement

My husband and I recently bought a fixer-upper. During the ongoing renovations, a really cool thing happened. My sister-in-law showed up with three ready-to-eat freezer meals. All we had to do was pop one in the oven, chow down, and get back to work. What cost her the price of a few ingredients and some time saved us a small fortune on running to Jimmy John’s or dining out. Her simple act of generosity and thoughtfulness prompted me to assemble a list of other ways to financially make someone’s day.

Why Should We Give?

I’ll let these two gentlemen take this one.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill

“Your decisions from today forward will affect not only your life, but your entire legacy.” – Dave Ramsey

In the wake of the Orlando . . . → Read More: 12 Inexpensive Ways to Financially Make Someone’s Day

Why Should I Be Financially Responsible?

Hi, I’m Kevin McKee from and I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled programming today to tell you my financial motivation. Derek and I are swapping posts today as part of the Yakezie Blog Swap, so you can head over to my site to read Derek’s, “What Motivates Me To Be Financially Responsible“. Last year I saved or invested over 20% of my pretax income.This year I am on track to do the same. I have a full time job that pays well over the median household income in America, and yet I spend most of my nights blogging and trying to build a second income stream out of my website.

I look at every individual credit card purchase at the end of each month to look for fraudulent charges and track my spending in a big fancy budget spreadsheet. I even sign up for bank accounts that give . . . → Read More: Why Should I Be Financially Responsible?