Why You’re Money Hungry But Still Poor as Dirt

money hungry

When you’re money hungry it is easy to see ways to save and make money everywhere. It’s like seeing the world through those obnoxious dollar symbol glasses.

Unfortunately, the money hungry aren’t seeing the dollar signs falling from their glasses into their pockets. As cliché as it may sound when it comes to money it’s imperative we work smarter not harder.

Why You’re Money Hungry, But Still Poor as Dirt

This post has been written by Brandon from 30and0.com.

We can all agree that The Beatles are considered one of the greatest bands of all time, right? Once they hit the scene they set the music world on fire and outsold every artist that dared to hum a tune in the 60’s.

Actually that’s not true.

They were outsold in 1967 by the Monkees. In fact the Monkees outsold The Beatles AND The Rolling Stones COMBINED in 1966 & 1967. . . . → Read More: Why You’re Money Hungry But Still Poor as Dirt