Our Project House Progress – 3 Weeks In!!

Oh my word, has it really only been three weeks since the house closing? Liz and I have absolutely been busting it over there – I’ve been working early mornings, she’s been working late nights, and we’ve both been putting in our fair share of hours on the weekends…

So what the heck have we been working on? What progress have we made so far?

Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you pretty much know EXACTLY what we’re doing and where we’re at with the progress. I’ve been uploading videos, pictures, and sending posts about what we’re working on each day. If you just said to yourself, “UGH! I’ve been missing out! I want to see what’s going on!!”, then you’d better start following us on Facebook! Simply like and follow my page here.

For the rest of you that prefer to follow via post updates like this…then here . . . → Read More: Our Project House Progress – 3 Weeks In!!