Self Talk of the Rich vs. the Poor

self talk of the rich vs the poor

According to Psychology Today,, and many other reputable sites across the world wide web, self talk is more than just a confidence booster. It’s more like an internal remodeling. And it can absolutely have a positive or negative affect on your health, your intelligence, and from what I’ve seen….your finances.

Self Talk of the Rich vs. the Poor

I can already hear the hate mails coming my way…

“The poor can’t help their situation. Stop being ignorant.” “You think the key to wealth is simply through self-talk? That’s fricken ridiculous…” “You privileged white male… You have no idea.”


If you don’t think it’s possible for someone to rise from the ashes of poverty, then you must have had your head in the sand for the last hundred years.

It happens every day, and it starts with self talk.

Without proper self-talk, the poor will stay poor and the . . . → Read More: Self Talk of the Rich vs. the Poor