Your Money Or Your Wife

your money or your wife

“You’re going to the project house again? Seriously? This thing has consumed 7 months of our lives…I’m so over it…!” — This is the voice of my wife just last month as I left our house at 7pm (for probably the 100th time) to go fix up our flip house. Ever heard of the book, “Your Money or Your Life“? It’s a good read that has you focus on what’s important to you instead of just piling up money for no reason. In my situation, I felt like a sequel was appropriate….Something like, “Your Money or Your Wife”!

Your Money or Your Wife

Money has always been a bit a game for me. I never struggled to earn it, and I certainly don’t mind watching it stack up in my bank account. You see, making money has never been about buying huge houses or nice cars or even taking crazy . . . → Read More: Your Money Or Your Wife