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Monthly Earnings Report: December 2011


Do you ever wonder how much money this site makes per month? How does it generate the income? Where does it come from? All your questions will be answered in this post.

As expected, these earnings reports have been a big hit (I started doing this in April). Not only is it of great interest for my blogging friends, but I also believe that my readers have a right to know how this site is being funded. So, with no further ado, here’s the earnings report for December, 2011.

December 2011 Earnings Report

All I can say about this month is, “Ouch”. That graph is looking pretty sad. In August I had a break-through month with over $2,500 in revenue, and I have seen a slow decline ever since, which has led to an incredibly slow December (as seen by the graph above). So, what has changed? And, why is my revenue sliding back down toward zero??

Let’s first take a look at the break-down, and then we’ll begin to diagnose the decreasing revenue.

Breakdown of the Earnings: December 2011

Adsense – $54.58

Staff Writing – $70

Link Ads/Widgets – $175

Sponsored Posts – $498.75

Affiliate Sales – $0

Total December 2011 Income – $798.33



I am actually pretty happy about my Adsense revenue last month. At $54.58, it was my best month ever! Two months ago, I switched from “text only” ads to “text and image” ads and it has consistently increased my revenues by 20%! Since the change seems to be working, I’m going to stick with it in 2012.

Also, I’m starting to put up Adsense ads on my new site, Creating A Passive Income, so I’ll expect to see an increase in my revenue for January and the months following. It won’t be a ton, but I bet I’ll get over the $60 for January.

Staff Writing

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things with my Staff Writing. Since I started my new site, I’ve been given a little extra incentive to build it up with some high PR links, and what better way than to get paid for them with a staff post? It’s a win-win.

In December, I was able to write 3 articles for a total of $70. Expect to see this amount increase in January because I have some additional responsibilities – plus, like I said, I want to get some high PR links for my new site.

Link Ads/Widgets

Since I don’t want to flood my site with links and image ads, I have increased my prices a little bit (until some of my existing link deals expire), which has inevitably reduced the interest from advertisers. That’s ok though. My #1 obligation is to my readers, not to the ad agencies. In December, I made one small deal for $175.

Sponsored Posts

Typically, this is my bread and butter for my website earnings. There have been a couple of months where I earned almost $1,000 on sponsored posts alone! But, this month was a struggle. I did not receive too many inquiries via email and was only able to make 5 deals for sponsored posts that totaled $498.75. On a positive note, I did earn an average of $100 per post, which is really quite respectable.

Affiliate Sales

I only have 3 affiliate links on my site, and they do not reside on the homepage. For that reason, there’s not always that much traffic coming through, and it gives me only a minuscule chance of making a sale with the link. So, in the month of December, I earned a whopping $0 via my affiliate links.

I think I’m going to consider bringing some of those links to the homepage since I do believe in the product very much – plus, they actually do pay very well.

So What Happened This Month? Why Are My Earnings Taking a Dive?

When I look back on the previous months, my decline in earnings is really not that complicated. I first got a page rank near the end of June, 2011, and suddenly, advertisers were coming out of the wood-work! It seemed like everyone wanted to throw money my way so that they could get their ads in front of all my readers!

Well, things have obviously slowed down since June, and I should have expected it. Now that my site has a few ads on it, there probably isn’t quite the draw that it once had when it was a blank slate.

Also, the holidays typically slow things down. My November and December were noticeably slower than the the previous months, which was somewhat expected. My January ad offers have already started picking up and I’m ready for a big month!

In the future, revenue will definitely increase because I’ll not only have the new deals coming in, but I’ll also be renewing some old ones. I think I can easily make $1,200+ per month without a ton of effort. If I make an additional effort to contact advertisers, I bet I can ramp this average up to $1,500.

What do you think about this report? Have you had a slow month in December?

Income Reports


My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. I am trying to increase my income so your experience is helpful. I just monetized my site in September. I plan to report on my progress at the end of each quarter.

    • That’s awesome krantcents! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Not bad at all – especially considering that you are diversifying your assets. With two/three (maybe more?) sites getting deals soon, you will be banking in the money. Enjoy the weekend.

    • I suppose it’s not terrible. I really need to get some more links in for my new site though…. otherwise I’ll risk having a PR of 0 soon… then I’ll be in trouble.

      • Do you have a certain number of links that you are looking to build by the next update?

        • I really don’t have a number in mind, but I know it’s more than 5 (which is what I have now)! I should guest post for at least 10 sites, and then comment all over the place! Hopefully I’ll get it done before the infamous Google PR updates.

  3. Great breakdown of the slower month. It sounds like a momentary blip as things are already ramping up. Another good reason to have multiple income streams! Look forward to seeing you pop back up in January!

    • Yeah, things should really pick up this month – I have a few deals in the works already. Can’t wait to see what this new year will bring!

  4. At least you are starting to diversify your income streams. Affiliate advertising helps my earnings along when other ads slow down.

    • I’ve started to dabble in the affiliate ad world, but I need to get better at it. It will come though. 🙂

  5. I’ll keep a lookout for your next sponsored post, or maybe look for some in your archives. I’m not usually a fan of reading them elsewhere and I don’t have any on my blog, but $100/ post isn’t bad at all.

    • Most of them, you’d never notice it was a sponsored post because I’m very careful about the writing style. There is one coming up though that you should notice. Let me know what you think when it’s posted!

  6. What do you think your overall long term goal is with the site?

    • I’d like to keep it going forever! I love it when I get emails from people, telling me how my site has impacted their lives – and I can’t see myself turning away from that in the future. I might want to hire another staff writer in the future though, just so I can focus on building other income streams. 🙂

  7. Derek- when you get a multi-month deal, do you include the earnings upon payment or do you break it down monthly?

    • It depends how it’s paid. If it’s all paid up-front, I’ll count it all. If they pay each month as it comes, then I’ll record it that way.

  8. I just saw your November income report excerpts in a national news paper. Time to be cautious?

    • I might have been a little careless with my reports, but the purpose of my site is to help others get out of debt and learn to earn a decent income. I still stand by that and will continue to help no matter what.

  9. My December income was the best yet. I think the advertisers had money left and made some long term deals.
    Online income fluctuate and I guess we’ll just have to get use to it.

    • Crazy! I’m glad you had a successful month. Maybe it has to do with your PR growth. I think it’s awesome that you are a PR5!

  10. I still think you are doing well. December was a slow month for many of us. January should be much better.

    • I think you’re right Miss T. I’m looking forward to this month for sure! 🙂

  11. Aha! This is exactly the kind of post I’ve been looking for. As somebody who is hoping to make money from his blog soon, I was curious exactly where it all came from. Thanks for putting it all out there!

    • No problem Matt! I do it every month, so feel free to swing by again!

  12. you have 1 spot left for the adsense ad (3 spot max for ad banners), so u can put it in between content I suggest..

    • I could, but I don’t want my site to get over-run with ads! Readers first, money second.

  13. This is really useful.
    Just to see what type of price levels you are using for ads and sponsored posts helps me to benchmark my own price levels.

    It is a really nice ramp up in sales that you have made during 2011. It will be interesting to see how your Q3 in 2012 will compare with Q3 2011.

    • It has been a nice upswing compared to this time last year. It will be interested to see what happens next year!

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