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Summer Energy Saving Tips


The ever changing seasons result in ever changing expenses. With the change of weather comes a shift in the budget. Whether an increase or decrease in expenses occurs, the change itself is inevitable.

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Summertime is no exception, and it comes with its own share of burdensome expenses. For many, summertime is the time for vacations, family outings, and the like, but it also carries with it the burden of paying increased utility bills. In general, the electric bill tends to increase during the hot and humid summer months..

During the summer, you should exert more effort to lower your household’s energy consumption so that your electric bill will not skyrocket.

Back to Basics

When the electric bill gets too high during the summer, maybe it is time to ask Mother Nature for some help. During the day, pull up the drapes and curtains and let the bright sunny day illuminate your home. Turn-off the lights if possible. However, it is important to keep in mind that letting in direct sunlight can raise the amount of heat in your home, resulting in the need to use your AC more. So, keep the blinds drawn or half drawn on the sunny side of the house and open the blinds on the shady side. Change the blinds at lunchtime if you have the chance.

At night, when the cool breeze is present, open the windows and let nature’s very own A/C blow into your home. The light wind from outside and the fresh air can actually do you good. It can benefit not just your budget but your health, but when the A/C is turned on you should remember to draw the curtains. The heat from outside will force the A/C to work much harder to cool your home and this will eat up more electricity.

You can also take advantage of the heat outside by hanging your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.

A/C Maintenance

One of the major causes of electric bill spikes during summertime is the increased use of the air conditioner. Due to the hot weather, people tend to use their A/C more. Due to the high temperature, the A/C will use up more electricity because it has to work harder. Try setting up a ceiling fan to lessen your use of the air conditioner.

You can alternate between the using the A/C and fans, and sometimes you can eliminate using both during the not so hot days. If it gets too hot and the use of A/C is inevitable, remember that the A/C should be in tiptop shape to perform efficiently and not to consume even more electricity than it should. You should make sure to replace your A/C filter regularly so that cool air can circulate freely, to keep the doors and windows tightly closed when the A/C is turned on, and to search for leaks where cold air might escape and hot air can enter.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

You should also keep your lamps and other light sources clean to increase efficiency and to increase their ability to illuminate. You can do this by simply wiping off the dust and dirt. Also, you should throw away old leftovers in the fridge that you do not intend to eat anymore. Keeping the fridge clean and avoiding overloading it will keep it from working too hard. Too many items inside the fridge will make its motor work harder, making it use up more electricity. You also want to be sure that the refrigerator door closes properly.

Avoid Wastage

Always remember to turn-off the lights, the HVAC system, or any appliances (like your television, game console, or computer) when not in use. Sometimes a big chunk of the electric bill is due to wastage. Do remember that energy is provided to be used, to provide some convenience and comfort, and not to be wasted.

It will all be comfortable and convenient at first and easy to take for granted until the bills arrive. Everyone should take care when it comes to saving electricity. It will be good for both you and the environment. Be sure that all appliances are working efficiently and that nothing is eating up more electricity than it should.

In Conclusion…

Summertime is usually a good time to be outdoors and enjoy the bright and sunny days, but when the weather gets too hot for you to go out, remember that staying indoors does not mean that you have to deal with high electricity bills. Whether you opt to be indoors or outdoors, always keep in mind that electricity is a valuable commodity you should not waste. Wasting it or at least using up more than what is needed will not only lead to burdensome bills for you in the future but will also be bad for the environment.

Do you have any summer energy saving tips that you want to share?

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  1. Although these tips aren’t necessarily new it’s always GREAT to remind people of them because getting back to basics is the toughest thing for people to do.

    • I agree 100% but these tips may be new to someone after all.

  2. Some of what has been said is contrary to what our central air conditioning company told us. They said the worst thing in the world to do is to open the windows at night to let in the cool air, because with the cool air comes the humidity, and the air conditioner has to work double time the next day to get out all the humidity that is allowed in. This is particularly relevant to those of us who live in high humidity areas; we’re in the north east with ridiculously high humidity. We’ve tested the theory and its correct. Once we put ours on, it stays on, as much as I would love to open the windows!

    • What I mentioned in the article is that often times you don’t have to run the AC at all.. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to run the ac during the day and simply open the windows at night. But there are times when the AC isn’t needed.

  3. Keeping the refrigerator full helps it hold its temperature better. Not so full that you’re blocking air circulation. Every time you open the door the refrigerator has to cool every thing down again, food in there holds its temperature longer than the air in there. What will make it work harder is if you keep the ambient temperature too warm in the kitchen.

    • Good call on keeping the temperature down in the kitchen. The same can apply for deep freezers.

  4. This one may be perfect for Jai since the only other place I’ve seen it mentioned was my blog lol!

    Most power companies have programs that allow them to control the compressor in your AC unit in case of energy crises. All they do is have a tech come out and hook up a controller to the AC unit, and either credit you a percentage back each month, or give you a lump sum payment, or whatever. Most of the time, you never even notice that they turned off the compressor. It costs you nothing, and you may even come out ahead a couple hundred bucks.

    • This is a good way to make a few bucks.. hmm I have to look into this.

  5. If you have kids, PLAN for them to be outside for an extended period of time (with sunscreen on of course) so as to avoid the door opening and closing 300 times per day:)! Or, set them up inside – either way lessen the number of times the door opens.

    • Hahah.. kids certainly do run in an out a lot. I agree with you, tell the kids to go outside and stay out.

  6. There are only a few days a year we can open the windows in Houston. The humidity is usually unbearable from April thru October. But, on those days the fresh air going thru the house is awesome.

    • Fresh air definitely is the best.. I had my windows open the other day to catch a cool breeze.

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