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Data Security: What Businesses Need to Know


Regardless of your operating system, device or the data stored, there are countless instances and areas where data security is crucial. If your business owns or runs a server with valuable information on it, it needs to be secure, for both business and legal purposes.

From a technological stand point, this means such security needs to be regularly updated. Simply buying a security package and leaving it at that is not good enough. You need to be aware of what your security can and can’t do. This is where regular security testing comes in, to better keep your data private.

What is security testing?

Whilst there are various different ways to test a server, simply looking at the spec won’t suffice. The best way is to actually demonstrate an attempt to break into the server. This is the most practical method of testing, and gives you the most reliable results. This is a similar theory to stress testing; by actually meeting the conditions you’re hoping to prevent you can more easily determine the effectiveness of any securities you have in place.

This is commonly referred to as penetration testing. This needs to be done by professionals for two very good reasons. First of all, they’re not actually trying to take your information, so you don’t need to worry about actual data theft during the process. Secondly, as IT experts, such companies have experience and knowledge in the field. This means trying to break the server from the various different means available, from simply trying to guess log in information to DDoS attacks.

How else can you protect your data?

In addition to testing, there are various programs and agreements you can enter into to keep data safe. Not only should you always make sure your company abides by the details of the Data Protection Act but you should look at escrow options such as registry escrow. These are designed to ensure that your data is protected when using software programs which you do not own yourself.

Options such as ICANN escrow are also available and work in tandem with the rules set up by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This is the body responsible for managing the naming system which is used across the internet – something which is hardly a small task!

When looking at registry data escrow options it is important that you understand exactly what is required and involved. Ask relevant questions and check the system you are investing in is appropriate for your business.

Why is it important?

With the modern world relying on data at virtually every turn, maintaining a high level of security is the easiest way to put yourself on a secure footing with both clients and customers. Failure to adequately protect data can lead to legal action so it is certainly in your best interests to get to grips with the subject.



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