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10 Great Side Jobs That Anyone Can Do


Are you interested in making more money? Aren’t we all? Well, there are 10 great side jobs that can bring home a bunch of cash for you if you are willing to work a few extra hours a week. If you are trying to get out of debt or are simply trying to beef up your savings account, these side jobs might be a great idea for you to earn that needed money.

10 Great Side Jobs That Anyone Can Do

20140222 - lawn mower#1. Lawn Mowing – If you own a house with a yard, chances are that you have a lawn mower.  For just the cost of gas, you could be earning an extra $15 or $20 per week by mowing your neighbor’s yard. Mow for four or five neighbors and you could quickly be earning $100 each week. Or you can leverage the gig economy and partner with an app like TaskRabbit or LawnStarter to pick up customers. Either way, that’s some pretty good money for a side job!

#2. Window Washing – It’s Spring time and everyone is noticing that their windows are terribly dirty. However, who really wants to take down all of those windows and clean them? If you have some Windex at home, this could be a great money-maker this month. Just print out a few flyers with your name, phone number, and your window washing service details and you could be earning hundreds of dollars before the month is through.

#3. Website Sales Business – There are many website host providers that help new site owners get their sites started. If you have a product that you know will be a hit, take it on the web and sell it online. The best part is you can do this within the privacy of your own home. If the site starts earning some serious money, who knows, maybe you could make it your full time gig instead of just a side job!

#4. Tutoring – If you enjoy working with children and helping them with their homework, then this could be a fantastic money maker for you. Tutoring typically pays $15 an hour or more. If you start tutoring more than one child, this side job will soon add up to quite the lucrative business.

#5. Blogging – I absolutely love blogging and have earned thousands of dollars over the years with it. If you enjoy writing and have a passion for a particular topic, then perhaps it’s time to bring your expertise to the world with a blog. Personal finance is a fantastic topic to earn a few extra bucks with. Heck, if you’re interested, I would even help you get started! Just send me an email through the “Contact” tab at the top of this webpage and we’ll see how quickly we can start earning you money.

#6. Car Detailing – Anybody can wash a car and could earn some extra money with it. But, if you truly love to take a dirt bucket from filthy to fabulous by shining the outside and vacuuming the inside, then you could earn yourself $50 or more with each car. Build up your client base to five or more and your pockets might not be able to contain all of your cash from this side job!

#7. Street Vendor – This typically requires special permits from the city of course, but if you would like to make a quick thousand bucks, take a serious look at street vending during special city events. When you can sell an elephant ear for $8 and your costs are only $1.25 for ingredients, the money can certainly add up in a hurry.

dog walker#8. Dog Walker – In our society today, dogs sometimes seem to be more prevalent than children. And, with people working more and more, they begin to feel guilty about leaving their dogs caged at home all day while they are out. For this reason, many of them can easily be talked into paying you for dog walking services. Your fee could be small, but if you are able to build up a large client base in town, then this side job could be quite lucrative as well.

#9. Dog Sitter – When people leave for vacation, they hate to leave their dogs at a commercial kennel because they know they won’t receive the proper care. Simply ask for less than the kennel fee and the owners will be happy to leave their dog with you!

#10. Baby Sitter – If you have experience with children, baby sitting can be a nice side job as well. If you would like to increase your income, consider ramping up your hours and become a nanny. This may involve some cooking and cleaning, but the pay is often much better than simply watching the children.

Well there you have it. Ten side jobs that pretty much anyone can do! If you want to earn some extra cash, these are the ways that I would encourage you to do it.

Have you ever earned an extra income with any of the side jobs above?

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  1. Window washing is a bit more complicated than you describe, especially if you’re offering outside window washing services. If you have to get up on ladders or walk around roofs to get to windows, you have to make sure you’re comfortable with heights and slopes. Also, Windex alone is not going to work for outside windows that get caked with dirt. Most pros will have a soap solution and use squeegees to get them really clean. Even on the inside, Windex with paper towel or rags will leave streaks, and probably unsatisfied customers. I use newspaper (with Windex) to avoid streaks.

    I agree with many of the other items on your list, but I think that a bottle of Windex alone is probably not going to get you far for washing windows.

    • Noted. 🙂 Thanks for the comment MB!

  2. I actually did dog walking and baby sitting when I was in college during my free time. It is a good way to earn extra income.

    • Dog walking really isn’t a bad gig is it? I kind of enjoyed it when I lived in Florida. Good money too.

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