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10 Tips for Hosting a Lucrative Garage Sale

Trying to earn extra money this summer? Hosting a garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your efforts:
1. garage-saleMake a Game Plan​. Make sure to plan your garage sale in advance. It’s important to decide when and where you are having the sale. Once plans are made you can start preparing and advertising well before the actual date.
2. Make it Easy. Design your sale to make it easier for customers to shop. Be intentional when planning the lay out so it’s easier for shoppers to navigate. Hanging clothing is easier to look through than folded items.
3. Be Fair. You probably think your items are worth much more than they are in reality. Be fair when pricing everything at your next garage sale. Do research beforehand if you truly believe some of your items are special.
4. Give Special Treatment. You can attract more customers and sales if you do something special for potential buys. Provide them with something to drink according to the weather like ice water or hot chocolate. Provide plastic bags for each customer to make it easier to shop and check out.
5. Don’t Forget Advertising. How will people know to show up without advertising? Construct bright, easy-to-read signs for your sale around the neighborhood or at nearby intersections. Craigslist is a FREE and easy-to-use way to get the word out about your upcoming garage sale.
6. Choose the Right Location. Location is key when hosting a successful garage sale. Residential neighborhoods, especially those near busy intersections, are best. Ask friends or family to host your next one if your home isn’t in the best location for shoppers.
7. Form a Team. Attract more customers by teaming up with multiple households and holding a multi-family sale. Advertise accordingly to attract a big crowd! Just make sure everyone agrees when it comes to the details of the sale so there are no conflicts.
8. Know the Rules. Check with your local neighborhood association or local government about any rules and regulations pertaining to garage and yard sales. It’s important you know if a permit is necessary, restrictions on the number of sales you have a year, or if there are certain areas signs can be placed. Knowing the rules will keep you out of trouble and make your city happy.
9.  Collect Year-Round. Designate a certain area in your home or garage for garage sale items. Whenever you find something you want to sell place it in that area immediately. Then when it’s time to prepare for your garage sale you don’t have to spend too much time trying to find items to sell.
10. Recruit Helpers. You need a group of people to make a garage sale successful. It’s impossible for one person to set-up everything, help every single customer, and keep track of all the purchases. Make it a family event or do a little bribing to get people to help.
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  1. Biggest thing I found done well at great garage sales is well – marked prices and the ability to get discounts for bundling.

    A great way to earn a little side income without having to deal with eBay or Craigslist!

    • Absolutely! If people know they can save more by buying more … well, then they might just buy more!

  2. Great tips! We had a garage sale last month and pulled in about $300. Not bad for a bunch of stuff we didn’t want anymore.

    • @Mike — Nice job! That’s great pocket money!

  3. This is perfect timing as I am seriously thinking about hosting a yard sale before the month is out. I have a lot of clothing my son can’t wear anymore. I’ve had some luck on FB yardsales, but I’m not driving all over town to sell a shirt for $2. I’ve been trying to bundle and sell the lot but that’s been hard to do…so yard sale it is.

    I would add another tip — accept credit. I’m going to accept CC/Debit cards for purchases over $5 using Paypal here and/or Square (I have both)

    I like the idea of shopping bags and drinks too!

  4. August is a great month to host a yard sale, since it’s still warm / summer, and yet people are returning from vacations, and preparing for back-to-school.

    Great idea about accepting CC! I’ve never used Square but I’ve heard it’s great! Venmo is also a nice tool — and its free — though both users would need to have a Venmo account.

  5. We do several of the tips you mentioned above for our yearly yard sale. Last year (2013) I made $1800.00 (not a typo!), and this year we cleared $750.00. It rained this year which drove traffic way down, but I was still happy with the number. One additional thing I would add is cleaning your items. It does take a little time to do, but it increases the value of things.

  6. Wow, those are large numbers!! Congratulations!!

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