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Top Personal Finance Posts from Last Week

best personal finance articlesEvery week, I scour the web for the absolute best personal finance articles so that I can improve both your PF intelligence and mine. While this took a few extra minutes of sleuthing this week (are all the PF experts on summer break now or what?), I have found three solid personal finance posts that should get your mind moving. Enjoy!

Is Early Retirement a Terrible Idea?

by Retire by 40 – Joe retired a couple of years ago (before his 40th birthday I believe) and has seen both the pros and cons of early retirement. There are quite a few articles that bash early retirement online, but Joe has a refreshing response to the nay-sayers. Have a look. Is early retirement something that you’d like to pursue?

Money is Your 20s vs. Your 30s

– by – Don’t care much for reading? Well how about comic strips? That’s more or less how this post is comprised. While some of the notions are a bit too basic and may not relate, I bet many of these items will make you smile and perhaps even work harder on your finances today (because you remember the many mistakes that you made just a few years ago).

7 Ways Grads Should Spend Their Money

by Forbes – College grads have a lot to think about, and for whatever reason personal finance habits typically aren’t near the top of the list. This post advises grads to save money, pay down debt, and to splurge just a bit on a few things that would improve their short-term happiness. Check out the other four suggestions by clicking on the link above.

Which article did you like best? What did you learn?




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