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Top 5 Personal Finance Posts in December

Posts about blowing money on tuition, getting out of debt, and even passing up a higher paying job. These are the top personal finance posts so far in December.

Top 5 Personal Finance Posts in December

Every few weeks or so, I scour the web to hunt for the very best personal finance articles that will make a dramatic impact on your life (after all, I can’t possibly do all the work myself!). Yesterday morning, I woke up at 3:45am and started surfing the web. Exactly an hour later, I had the five posts selected that were sure to make a difference after reading them.

1) 5 Things I Gave Up to Pay Off Debt

by Credit Karma – While I wouldn’t recommend forgoing your medical insurance, this list gives an honest perspective of everyday “rights” that you can give up to save a whack-load of money each year and pay your debts off faster.

2) Average Earnings After Attending the Most Expensive Colleges in America

by Business Insider – Before delving into this story, I expected to see school names like, “Harvard”, “Yale”, Princeton”. Nope – pretty sure none of them made this list (partially because it would likely disprove the whole point of the article). What blew me away was how expensive these colleges were that I never heard of. Why on earth would someone pay so much for an education that promised very little in terms of post-graduation salaries? If I were you, I’d take this list, stick it on my wall, and write in big letters: DON’T GO HERE!

20151212 - top personal finance posts december3) Top 25 Self-Employed Jobs You Can Start Today

– by Good Financial Sense – This post was written by Jeff Rose, a Financial Advisor that gives very solid advice day in and day out on his blog. This article is certainly no exception. Any one of these 25 self-employed jobs could earn you enough to give up your day job for life.

4) 11 Best Pieces of Advice About Money

by Business Insider – All very solid tips, and all advice that I would give you myself. Live well below your means, pay yourself first, look to increase your income: these are things that the typical American will never do. But, if you are interested in improving your financial situation, you’ll not only glance at this article, you’ll actively take action on these items. Good for you!

5) 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take That Higher-Paying Job

by Penny Hoarder – I remember passing up a job that paid $30k more than I was earning at the time. So many people thought I was crazy, but that’s because they didn’t dig into the facts. I would have had to work 80 hours a week instead of 40, I would have had to live in an expensive city, and I would have been hundreds of miles away from my parents and siblings. When I looked at more than just the dollars, the decision was easy.

Which article was your favorite?



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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these articles yet. Heading on over to check them all out now!

    • They are all excellent reads. Hope you enjoyed them all!

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