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Sell My Site For $60,000???

An unexpected event happened the other day… An agency reached out to me via email, saying they were interested in buying my site.

Their questions were simple.

  1. How much does your site earn per month?
  2. What would you be willing to let it go for?

I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had these emails before and they usually turn into a $5,000 offer, which is just plain ridiculous.

Within a day or two, I casually responded that my site earns between $1,000 and $1,500 a month (anyone can see this by the way – just check out my income reports), but that I was still working to better monetize it (this has never really been a strong point of mine).

Since I absolutely love this site and consider it part of my long-term career plan, I set the bar high:

“For me to even consider selling, I’d need to have a $100,000 offer, and even then I’d need a few days to think about it”.

She came back almost immediately. As I expected, $100k was out of her range, but she quickly mentioned that she WOULD be willing to pay 4x my site’s yearly revenue, which equates to $60,000…

sell my siteSell My Site For $60,000?

It’s funny how things work. Four years ago, I was crafting my site with the sole purpose of selling it for big money. I hired a bunch of staff writers to make it passive, and I completely de-personalized it so that someone could buy it, take the reins, and then easily keep the income flowing.

You know what happened?

My site crashed and burned.

In its heyday, this site was earning $20,000-$25,000 a year. When I took myself out of it, it cut my income in half and my reader base tumbled to 5,000 visits a month.

Crafting my site for the purpose of selling it was a complete disaster.

My Ambitions Today

Today, I have a completely different mindset.

I want this site to:

  1. Help my readers discover financial independence, and
  2. Supply me with a consistent income that I can reinvest into our future

Now that I have those goals, guess what happens? I get an offer from someone to buy my site…

Well that took me off guard!

I was totally unprepared for this offer, but I’m glad that I set the bar high and turned down the offer of $60,000. I just can’t imagine a day where I wake up, go to work, come home, and do nothing.

So if you’re loving this site and dread the day when it’s gone, you’re in luck! Because I really have no plans of selling it. Unless of course…someone offers me a million… 😉

It’s Possible For You Too

No, this isn’t just some random post where I gloat about how much my site is worth. That’s the not the point at all.

Point #1 – I’ve already expressed it. I absolutely love writing and helping others – and I honestly want to do this forever.

Point #2This is possible for you. Starting a site and earning money is completely possible today. And, not only is it possible, there are plenty of people earning WAY more than they would have if they worked at a normal job!

Heck, I just interviewed Michelle at She earned nearly $1,000,000 last year alone. And she’s set to earn even more than that this year (while working less)! It’s absolutely crazy!!

What Could a Side Income Do For Your Life?

What if you could earn just a fraction of that? What if you started a site that earned just $5,000 a year? How much of a difference would that make?

My guess? – Probably a HUGE, gargantuan difference! You could get out of debt faster, build up an actual emergency fund, and finally save up for your retirement!

So what’s stopping you? Is it the cost? …you know signing up only costs $24 for the first year, right…? The entire first year…$24. That includes everything! And, you get $500 of extras through iPage as well!

Is it your fear? What the heck do you have to be afraid of? Maybe the site will fail. So what? You know…failure is not the opposite of success, it’s complacency.

Is it time? Don’t think you can fit it into your busy schedule? For 95% of us, if we would just toss the TV in the garbage, we’d free up dozens of hours each week. Don’t let TV stand between you and your dreams.

Don’t Miss This Amazing Offer

Through my affiliate link, you can sign up through iPage for just $1.99 a month (that’s less than $24 a year). To make sure that they don’t upcharge you into anything, I created a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process. Then, I’ve got a ton more posts that will help you out from there.

Just click the banner below to get started. I can’t wait to hear your success story!!

Back to the $60,000 Offer… What would you have done?

Alright, so back to the original topic. I was offered $60,000 for this site. Am I nuts for not taking the money? What would you have done?

Tell me in the comments below! I’m dying to know!

Make Money Money


My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. Congrats on the offer! You mention that your passion is to write and teach others about financial independence and living wisely and that you maintain the website as a source of residual income for your family. Based on that info, I think you made the right decision to pass on an offer that is lower than the $100K threshold 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I don’t feel bad at all for passing on the offer. We don’t need the money and I thoroughly enjoy writing on this site! Between those two things, it made the decision pretty easy.

  2. Derek,

    You made the right choice! Your personality makes this site relate-able, which will continue to bring in more people. It is not done growing yet! IF… IF you decide to sell, never take your hands out of it completely. Continue to write for this site, and maybe even work out an equity deal 😉

    • Great advice, Mike. Heck yeah this site is going to keep growing! I can’t wait to help thousands, maybe even millions of people!

  3. In my situation, I probably would have taken the offer and invested the $60K into dividend stocks. That would generate close to $2,000 in dividend income per year right off the bat.

    I have multiple sites other than personal finance, so I would still be an active blogger.

    But totally understand why you didn’t sell.

    • Yeah, it probably would have been more tempting if I had 2-3 other blogs rolling, but I really don’t. This is my bread and butter and I still have a ton of fun with it!

  4. Personally, I’m glad that you didn’t take the offer. $60k is a mere pittance for the blood, sweat, and tears that you’ve poured into the website (and it’s obvious, by the way). Keep doing what you’re doing, sir! I’ve looked at a LOT of websites on personal finance. Yours is the only one that I read on a daily basis.



    • Now that’s an awesome compliment. Thanks Rickster! More awesome articles to come!

  5. Definitely don’t want you to sell!!

    • Ha, thanks Emily! Don’t worry, I’ll be writing for a looong time.

  6. Yessirrrrr – blogs aren’t jack without passion! I always had to turn down clients who wanted me to coach them on how to make $$$ blogging when that was their 1st priority. I don’t know many who have succeeded strictly to make money, and there are plenty of other avenues that are faster – and more lucrative – anyways! Haha…

    Good for you for putting yourself back into it all – I’ve def. noticed over the past year.

    • Isn’t that funny? Without passion no one would create a worthwhile blog, and with it, everyone wants to buy it but we don’t want to sell!

      Thanks for noticing the extra effort on my part. It’s been a ton of fun and I’m starting to reap a few rewards from all the hard work!

  7. Hi Derek,

    I’m a new reader to your site (3 months) and I totally enjoy it and I used your snowball calculated to plan my escape from debt (I’m crushing it and totally pleased with my progress. Be done in 10 months). I’ve passed your site onto others who are now on fire get debt free. So thanks for that and this great site.

    I have a question about the banner ads that generate the revenue, do you have to be invited to post those on your site? Or do you post them and they then pay you per click? I’m not understanding the mechanics of getting the ads on one’s site. I hope my question make sense: do you pick them or do they pick you I guess is what I’m trying to say?

    Keep up the good work, your site is an inspiration. But if do you sell it when the time is right so you can use the money to do even more good!

    • Hi David. Thanks for reading and thanks so much for passing my site along to your friends! That’s means a lot!

      Most of the banners on my site are affiliate banners – meaning I don’t get paid unless someone signs up for the product. Lucky for me, I’ve been able to partner with some fantastic companies that offer incredible products that I recommend to everyone, even my close friends and family!

      Do you have a site David? Or are you looking to start one? I can help you a bit! Shoot me an email via the contact tab at the top of my site. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  8. I’m glad you didn’t sell your website. I stumbled across this site and I am going to put the tools to good use. $60K would not be worth your while, nor would a million. $10 mill, maybe. I am one of those people who appreciate the hard work that you’ve put into this site. Thank you for not selling and thank you so much for actually making time to do it.

    • Good to hear that you’ll be using the tools! I’m looking forward to seeing your comments on future posts as well!

  9. It’s not enough to sell in my opinion. As long as you keep contributing good content your income will continue to rise. It only makes sense to me if you want to stop blogging. I’d take $60k for my blog, but that’s because I only make a few thousand a year in blog income. 😉

    • Yup, the plan is to keep increasing the income as my knowledge and experience increases. Not time to sell now!!

  10. I’m glad you decided to stick with your blog. On my blog, I write a lot about myself because that’s what I know best. But I also try to offer lessons learned so that it could be helpful to others. Wishing you success coming your way! 🙂

    • Thanks Ms. FAF! I’m glad I didn’t sell either. I still have a blast writing on blog!

  11. I am glad you chose not to sell, man! I hope to make money eventually off my site. It has only been up for a month now and I have made a grand total of $3.

    • That’s actually pretty good! I think I was under $1 in my first month, so nice job! Let me know if you ever have any questions.

  12. $60k? Glad you didn’t take it. However, I wouldn’t blame you if you took a 7 figure offer 🙂 In the meantime, happy blogging 🙂

    • If it was $200k, I probably would have thought long and hard about it.

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