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How to Make the Most of Your Minutes This Year

Have you ever raced to empty your dishwasher before your mug of coffee finished warming up in the microwave?  Or organized your cleaning supplies while you waited the last minute for the washing machine to kick off?

Then you already know that things can be accomplished in small chunks of time.

Today, I don’t want to convince you to anxiously spend every moment of your time working, organizing, and planning.  But I do want to show you the good that can happen if you promise to make the most of your minutes and dedicate them toward your biggest goals

How to Make The Most of Your Minutes This Year

This is a post from our staff writer, Jamie Jeffers.

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

Some of us know our biggest life goal, and we could sing it from the rooftops.

Others are afraid of the enormity of that dream.  We can barely whisper it.

You don’t have to tell the world about your dream, but you owe it to yourself to try to get there.  I hate to drop a YOLO on you, but we tend to regret the things we don’t try the most.

So take a minute to be very honest with yourself about what it is you want from this life.  Whether that means escaping a stressful job, moving to an exotic location, getting out of debt, or having $100,000 in the bank…figure out what you want.

make the most of your minutes

Break It Down

What steps do you need to take to accomplish this goal?  Don’t freak out over how big it is!  Just write down the first step.  Then the next one.  

Be sure to write down at least the first 3 steps you’ll need to take.  But stop before this task feels overwhelming.

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Now Get Started

Brainstorm ideas that will take you closer to your goal.  Everyone’s list will look different.

Now sometimes, getting started on a list like that can be daunting.  So here are some 15 minute ideas that can improve your money situation a little each day (just to get you started).

1) Read

Want to make the most of your minutes? Read a chapter or two from a book that inspires, teaches, or motivates you in the right direction.  If you want to change your habits, try “Better Than Before” by Gretchen Rubin.  Need a new outlook on life?  Try “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris.  

Or if you need to save money to fund your dream, try my book, “500 Ways to Save Money: Build A Cash Jackpot for the Best Things In Life“.  It’s a list of many of the things we’ve done to dig out of debt and change our family’s life.

2) Make a Phone Call

I know you prefer to text, but an actual call is sometimes required.  Maybe you need to question a charge on your card or find out if you’re eligible for a class.

We tend to put off phone calls, which just makes that task nag at us.  Often, when you finally make time to call, you’ll find that there was a simpler solution to your problem than you’d expected.

3) Practice Your New Life

Most of us have at least a touch of imposter syndrome when we try something new.  Just knowing that it’s a trick our body plays can make you feel more confident.  

If that doesn’t work, take that 15 minutes to visualize yourself in your new role.  It sounds silly, but many people swear by this!  Remember the Jim Carrey story?  Olympic athletes use this method regularly.  

Hint:  Don’t let yourself use this method beyond the first week, or you might stay stuck living out your dreams…but only in your wildest imagination.

4) Try Something New

If you want what you’ve never had, you’ve got to try something you’ve never done.  Take the first step while you shake, but take that step!  

Think of what that looks like when you head for your goal.

  • Cut up your credit cards
  • Write the first paragraph of your novel
  • Learn how to make a prototype of your invention
  • Do the paperwork to start (or boost) your 401(k)
  • Open a new savings account.  File direct deposit info to have half your paycheck put in there for saving.
  • Learn to cook from scratch
  • List your first item on eBay

Find just 15 minutes of every day, and dedicate that time to your better self.

You’ll be shocked at the results you can get from one less sitcom per day.  Can you imagine how life will be different in one year?

What’s the first step to your new life? How will you make the most of your minutes?

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