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7 Ways to Save Money in the Garage

Whether you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever or are in the mood for spring cleaning, getting out into the garage can be a bright spot in your day.  Whether you use this man cave to build things, tune up the car, get some exercise, or just get away from it all, you can make your garage a great place to hang without spending a fortune. (And, you can actually save money in the garage, too!!)

7 Ways to Save Money in the Garage

This post is written by our fabulous staff writer, Jamie Jeffers!!

Save money on getting the garage in shape so you can spend it on the things you really want!  (Like that classic car you’ve had your eye on for years.) Here are 7 ways to save money in the garage.

save money in the garage

1) Insulation

Your garage may or may not be heated, but it can be a source of major energy leaks.  Plug them with weather stripping, insulation foam or boards, or just walk around with a candle and a tube of caulk.

Keeping your garage insulated will not only save you money, but it will make spending time in there more bearable.  

2) Buy Good Tools

If you are just a little bit handy, having the right tools can make all the difference.  If you can invest in a good quality tool that will save you repair costs for years, it’s worth it.

Craftsman hand tools have a lifetime warranty.  Break it, and you can get a replacement.  (Just don’t lose it.  Or loan it to that brother-in-law who never returns tools.)

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3) Get Dirty

If you aren’t particularly handy, then you need to become friends with YouTube.  There you’ll find advice for fixing nearly anything that breaks in your home or car.  

Have your garage set up to make repair time as pleasant as possible.  Put on your favorite music, have proper lighting, and give yourself a nice space to work in.  Whether that means having a spacious work bench or a comfortable place to sit, invest a little to save yourself a lot over time.

The more you practice repairing things, the better you’ll get.  After a while, you’ll see that repair techniques from one job apply to other jobs, as well.  

4) Do Your Research

Unless you love doing your own oil changes, for instance, be sure to research before you dive in.  Sometimes you can find coupons for a Valvoline Instant Oil Change (for instance) for the same price it would cost you to do it yourself.

(Quick tip: When you search for coupons, never search for specific ideas.  Searching for “Valvoline oil change coupons” will bring up coupons, all right.  But search only for “oil change coupons” and the competition between brands becomes fierce.)

5) Organize It

Whatever you decide to do with your garage, keep it organized.  It’s not fun to have to buy something you know you have, just because you can’t find it. You’re also more likely to tackle a dirty job if you don’t have to spend twice as long searching for everything you need to get started.

Play scavenger hunt while you’re in there and see how many things you can find!!

6) Reconsider This Space

What’s the square footage of your home?  How much footage do you have in the garage?

It’s a decent chunk of space that’s totally going to waste if it’s filled with boxes you haven’t looked inside since you moved in ages ago.

Think of the things you could do in your garage if you could use the space to its fullest.  

  • Bring the car in to save on weather damage.  
  • Use it for exercise equipment and quit paying for gym memberships.  
  • Make it into a man cave or a she shed.  You could put a bar in the corner and invite friends to your place instead of going out every weekend.
  • If the garage is attached to your home, you may even consider renovating to create extra living space if that’s more valuable than a garage.  (A growing family will make you reconsider your priorities pretty quickly!)

7) Watch Out for Hazards

Poor storage in a garage makes the top ten most common causes of house fires.  Be sure you have enough insurance protection on your home.

When in the garage, don’t be tempted to overload electrical outlets.  That means stop charging equipment using extension cords. Keep flammable materials out in a shed, away from your main home.  And don’t leave greasy rags lying close to the gasoline tank you fill your mower with.

Finally, look into buying a heat alarm (not the same as a smoke detector) for your garage.

It’s Time to Save Money in the Garage  

Instead of just throwing all your old stuff in your garage and making huge piles of junk, start to make this space your own. And, save some money in the process!!

This weekend, make it your goal to head out to the garage and do all the things above. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

What do you save money in the garage?

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