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Cutting Household Expenses – Top 5 Low-Effort Ways to Do It!

cutting household expensesHousehold expenses can really add up month to month. For some people, this means living paycheck to paycheck, or at the very least, spending more money on bills than they need to be. You might be surprised, but there are actually quite a few ways to start cutting household expenses. They’ll save you cash and add a little more breathing room to your budget!

Cutting Household Expenses – Top 5 Low-Effort Ways to Do It!

This post is written by our excellent staff writer, Kimberly Studdard. It also contains affiliate links.

Before we even get started with this list, I have to mention BillCutterz. If you want an absolute low-effort way to reduce your bills, they’ll do it for you – and it’s completely no-risk! If they don’t save you money, you owe them nothing. If they do (and let me tell you…they almost ALWAYS do), then you just owe them half of what they saved. Pretty awesome, right?

Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now. But if you’ve never checked them out, give them a shot. You’ll be glad you did.

(and if you’re still not convinced, check out Derek’s personal experience here!!)

Now…on to the top 5 low-effort ways to start cutting household expenses.

1) Check Your Bills

I’d recommend never putting your utility bills on autopay. Even if you have the money in your account to pay for them, it’s important to check them every month. Companies make billing mistakes. Also, prices and costs for items like water and electric fluctuate.

So, just by simply checking your bills from month to month and keeping an eye out for discrepancies can save you quite a bit of money. It also shows you your usage and ways you can cut back.

2) Check For Off Hours

Some utility companies have “off-hours” where the cost to use water or electric is dropped significantly during certain hours of the day. In my area, off hours are between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am. The savings is pretty significant as well. Just by doing laundry or running the dishwasher at night, I’m saving around 30% of my usual cost. That really adds up when you think about how often you need to do those tasks.

If your area doesn’t have off-hours, don’t sweat it. There are still plenty of low effort for cutting household expenses.

3) Save On Your Cell Phone

Everyone has a cell phone these days. Gone are the days of landlines. And, for many people, cell phones are also their main system for communication, work, and more. However, cell phone plans can get outrageous.

The average cell phone bill for one person can cost around $80 a month. That means for a family of four you could easily be spending at least $200-$300 a month. For my family, that’s equal to our water and electric bills combined!

However, just by switching to a prepaid plan, my family has saved thousands over the years. We pay for our phones outright and spend $100 a month for the three of us. We also get free Netflix because of the deal we made with our phone carrier.

Pre-Paid Plans…They’re Not As Bad As They Used to Be…

I get it. Prepaid plans used to be pretty crappy. You didn’t really get much for what you paid. But these days, you can get just about anything you want on a prepaid plan. For example, we were able to get…

  • unlimited texting,
  • calls, and even
  • data by taking advantage of the promotional period from our phone carrier.

And the best part? The deal never goes away. As long as we stay on the plan, we get unlimited everything for less than $40 a month for each of us.

So, for one afternoon in the phone store, we’ve had over four years of reduced payments. Cutting household expenses? Yup, we nailed it!! 🙂

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4) Cancel Memberships

Subscriptions and memberships add up. Between sites like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime, magazines, gym memberships, and more, you could be spending hundreds every month on items and memberships you don’t even use. So, stop paying for them.

Choose one (two max) TV subscriptions that you want to keep. Cancel the gym membership and work out at home. Don’t pay for Amazon Prime, and instead just buy what you need when you have enough to qualify for free shipping. These items may seem like necessities, but in reality, they’re just making your life easier. That doesn’t make them a need.

(And…if you absolutely can’t do without one of these subscriptions, contact BillCutterz (did I mention that I love them?? ;)). They’ll almost certainly get the rate down for you!)

5) Stop Paying For Cable

On top of canceling memberships, cut your cable bill. The average American will watch around seven hours of TV every single day. That’s ridiculous!

You could be using that time to…

  • pick up a side hustle,
  • meal prep and save on grocery costs,
  • learn a new skill, or
  • spend time with your family.

So the best way to not tempt yourself into watching too much TV?

Get rid of it.

Cut cable and watch how you find other ways to fill your time. This is one of the easiest low effort ways to start cutting household expenses because all you have to do is stop paying for it and return your cable box.

Not only will you be saving a minimum of $50 a month (the average bill is $85), but you’ll find out you have more time to get things on your to-do list done, more time to earn more money, and more. It’s a win-win!!

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Start Cutting Household Expenses

While you may not be able to cut costs on your rent or mortgage, there are ways to lower the expenses in your home. These low effort ways for cutting household expenses require just a few minutes of your time to make a big impact on your finances. And who doesn’t love saving more money?

Will you start cutting household expenses today? It could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year!!

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