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Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home…Without Debt!!

best ways to add value to your home - deckThe best ways to add value to your home don’t necessarily have to break the bank! And you don’t even need to go into debt either! But to ensure your home improvements don’t land you in a pool of debt you’ll be paying off until you retire, pre-planning, careful thinking and shopping around is essential. 

Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home…Without Debt!

We are sooo glad you decided to read this post! Most people would just take out a loan or take equity out of their home to do a renovation project. Not you! You’re smarter than that. It’s time to upscale your home without pile-driving your way into debt.

Delay Instant Gratification Of Upscaling Your Home

An essential point of warding off the chance of debt is by delaying gratification.

In fact, this can be adopted to most things you are thinking of purchasing. But, especially when it concerns larger payments such as home improvements.

…attempt to hold your horses and take a long think about it first. 

A lot of the things we think we want right now, often come, go and/or change. Not only this, once we have purchased what we’ve yearned for, we commonly move onto the next thing to fill our desire for more.

However, if you are set on making changes to your home, delaying gratification enables you to do something great that will prevent the problem of debt – you can save. Working for and paying off the home improvements in full is far more fulfilling and less stressful than taking out a sizeable home-improvement loan.

What Are You Capable Of Doing In Your Home?

Another one of the best ways to add value to your home (without debt) while making it…

  • smarter,
  • more significant, or
  • more luxurious…

…is to look at the skills you possess and what you are capable of doing to your home yourself.

There are instances of course where a professional might be necessary.

It’s wise to call upon residential architects, particularly when you’re thinking of…

  • knocking through walls,
  • moving staircases, or
  • gutting the inside of your home.

However, in other scenarios, you are more than capable of uplifting some aspects of your home yourself and saving some money.

  • Whether painting,
  • changing kitchen cupboard doors,
  • trimming your shop-bought blinds to size,
  • or designing your front garden…

…we’re quite quick to turn to other professionals, without even considering if we could do something ourselves, which could be far more cost-effective.

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What Upgrades Make the Most Sense?

When you don’t want to spend a ton of money, but you want to add significant value to your home, what are your best options? 

According to the top ten list from Real Simple, the top five are…

  1. Painting – It’s cheap, and it dramatically changes any space!
  2. Adding fiber-cement siding – It doesn’t swell or fade, and it lasts wayyyy longer than the alternatives!
  3. Building a deck – Update your dull backyard with a space for entertaining! It really makes a big difference.
  4. Updating the kitchen – If you handle much of the work yourself (it really isn’t that hard), this can cost just thousands instead of tens of thousands!
  5. Replacing the windows – Old windows are drafty and are a waste of heat and air conditioning. AND, new windows are expensive. Unless you do them yourself that is…I’ve done it. It’s really not that hard. Just buddy up with YouTube for a night and you’ll figure it out.

Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home…Are You In??

Our homes mean a lot to us.

The interior and the structure of our homes matter more to some than others. However, owning a home, to begin with is an achievement on its own, and possibly still something you’ll be paying off for years.

Providing your home is functional, it is again doing the job that you bought it to do on the day you signed the contracts for it. And so, to prevent the pressure of inviting further debt into your life; always take the time to think over whether you actually want to upscale your home. Whether there are cheaper alternative solutions, and whether you can actually save for it to prevent lending any money.

These are the two best ways to add value to your home without breaking the bank. Be sure to comment with other ways below!

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